10 Funny NYSC Pictures That Will Break Your Jaws With Laughs

Yeahhh….. some people say, “federal Government don dey use Nysc scheme touch parts of our personality, gradually turning us to a soldier man”.
May be they say that, due to the……. you know, the “always serious personality” corpers display.
But trust me, there are still many things among our corpers that we break your jaws with laughter. Let’s laugh together with these 7 pictures:

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You can guess who she is….. Hahahaha
If she is not an Halajah, she will be a Deeper Life member,and if she is not, she can’t escape it, she must be a “Local Made“#Winks#
what do you think?


Must you serve?
“You con turn Nysc to Maternity home”


What do you think will be her excuse?
“Love is blind” or “Body no be firewood” Lol


Is this one still helping or something else?


Love is everywhere…..
Single ladies, don’t bother too much. You can still meet that lucky guy in NYSC camp…..


Watch your head, my man..
Something big may decide to fall….


I can bet with you that this can only 
happen around 27th or 5th day of the month.
you ask how i know?
Na only alawi fit make corpers craze like this o” 


You can say that again…
that is Rev sister corper, i guess… lol


He is a corper o…. don’t toy with federal government pikin 

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