10 Important Terms to Know in NYSC Service

For a quick start-up, non-frustratiing and enjoyable NYSC service year, you need to start getting yourself familiar with the important terms used in the scheme even right from camp.

Though the list may be an endless one, yet these are the important few terms you need to know now.


I don’t want to assume you already know this. It’s National Youth Service Corps. That’s the name of the scheme you found yourself right now.
It brings together youths from Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges every year to serve their father land. Usually in non-indigenous states.


That is the first arm of NYSC.
It is the camping of the prospective corpers for 3 weeks of great training, rehabilitation and preparation for the task ahead of them.


This means Place of Primary Assignment. That is the exact place u will be posted, to serve after camp.

That is the place you will spend the whole of your service year immediately u leave camp.
It may be School, Ministry, Bank, Industry e.t.c depending on your discipline and luck.

But mind you, as at 2015, 70% of the corp members are now being posted to schools


Community Development Service
When you leave camp, you will be posted to join one of the CDS groups in your local government. That is where you will perform your duty to humanity, by meeting other corpers there to develop the community to which you are posted.

CDS members do have their meetings once in a week. Very important.
CDS groups may iinclude Medical, legal aid, Charity, NEMA, Publicity, PET e.t.c.
You can also embark on your own personal CDS which qualifies you for an award at the end of the service year: i will talk better on it latter.


Local Government Inspector
That man is your boss in your local government during your service year.

Respect him and obey him.


Zonal Inspector
That is the NYSC official in charge of all the corpers in a particular Zone.
Both the corpers and the LGI answers to him. Fear him.


That is the letter you will be issued while leaving camp.
On it, is the local government and PPA you have been posted to serve.
Make sure you get yours before you leave camp.


Your monthly payment.
Still #19,800 as at 2015. You will receive your first alawi on camp.
Dont mis-spend it. Save some.


Payment Voucher
Is the form you will fill and sign every month to qualify you for your Monthly “Alawi”.
Without it; no payment and Corper go suffer.

You will also sign your first PV on camp.


Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development
This is a scheme established starting right from camp to help corp members acquire or skill or the other before they finish their service year. The scheme will run for like a week in camp, but you can decide to contine the program after camp (post-camp training).

NYSC Tales

This is a blog that carries all the information you will need for a successful service year.
It’s your best pal. visit the blog often, comment and share among your friends.

More updates will be coming to you on this blog. Just stay with the page…

How to Apply for Nysc Relocation & Redeployment Online

Nysc has greatly improved over every section of the scheme in recent times. Starting from the area prospective corp members getting their Call-Up letters more easily, registration, Relocation, Orientation, CDS, to even the passing out program. All these have being made a bit easier than what it used to be; Many of the process had been brought online for convenience.

It’s now possible for corp members to apply for NYSC Relocation and Redeployment online without going through the rigorous offline process.
This is mostly applicable to corpers that were unable to apply on camp. So no need for you to worry again over the inability to apply for your Relocation because camp is over. You can now do it after camp and online for that matter..
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How to Print Nysc Call-Up letter Online

Your Nysc Call-Up letter is very important for you to be a part of the Nysc compulsory 21 days Orientation course. Your Call-Up letter is your certificate and passport to gain entrance into the camp.It’s not an option at all.

But you may not need to go down to your Institution again to get your call up letter again. You can simply get it online by just….
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How To Change Your NYSC Place of Primary Assignment

Your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) during Nysc will determine if you will enjoy the one year service or you will endure it.

You don’t have to suffer in silence in any PPA you don’t like. Nysc has made it possible for you to change any PPA you don’t like, but you have to know how to do it right….
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How to Serve as a Ghost Corper

If you like you can call them ghost corpers, absenting corpers, disappearing corpers, or off-site corpers. Whatever you may want to call them doesn’t really matter. But one thing about them is that, they are corpers who are not always/never at their Place of Primary Assignments (PPA) during the service year; probably because of their family, job, or future plans. Yet, such corpers collects their monthly allowances that is due to them without any problem.

Serving as a ghost Corper requires you to know the ups and downs before venturing into it because it can be very frustrating, especially when you don’t know how to easily go about it.

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