12 Brilliant Ways To Make Extra Earnings As a Corper

There are lots of ways by which smart corp members can earn extra cash to support the monthly stipend given to them by the federal Government.

For an average corper, it can be a little difficult to live on this penny paid by the federal government especially if posted to areas of high cost of living.

 Nevertheless, smart corpers will never be weighed down by these excuses, but rather will look for other ways as alternatives to make money and live a more comfortable life while they serve.

I don’t think I need to remind you again that many corp members refused to go back to their home lands after service because they were rightly established where they served by the reason of what they do during their service year.

So who said it can’t happen to you too? All you need is the right information and decision. Not even money is as important as they are right now.

Without wasting time, let’s get into business.
Am going to be sharing with you some business ideas you can borrow into and make extra money in your service year.

1. Home tutorial/Private coaching 

This has always being the first idea I tell corpers whenever I have the privilege of talking to them. This is because almost 85% of corpers today, are being deployed to the education sector. Whether schools or other edu centres.
Then you should look into how you could utilize that opportunity and start home tutorials for some children and make money.

Tell your students that you run such service. Meet their patents and agree on a convenient price. Before you do this for like two months, if you are really good at what you do, you will start seeing your students increasing daily.

And the more your students or home tutorials, the more money that will flow into your pocket.
No tax payment on such earning you know, just ensure to give your tithe to God….. smiles…

2. Bulk SMS service

This is one of the leading ways to make money for corp members at the comfort of their homes. It was one of the things i did before and during my service year which of course, brought me some cool money.
This is what you will do.
Since we have lots of establishments out their with huge competition. Definitely, each and everyone of them will be looking for means to outrun the others, which is why many of them uses the Bulk SMS service. They use this service to send reminder and greetings messages to their customers and clients.
The hidden truth is that they need someone who will do this for them to relief them of such stress, especially those ones that never knew about the service.

Walk up to establishments like schools, hotels, business ventures, churches and banks. Tell them about your service and hand them a short proposal letter describing what you do and what they stand to gain by patronizing you.

The reason for proposal is to give branding to your service. By the time you have two churches having more than 200 congregations with some banks and schools as your clients, you should know how much you are likely going to be making with that. Don’t forget they will keep sending the messages periodically. May be twice in a week, and you will always be the one doing it for them at the comfort of your room; on your phone.

You can reach me through the comment section if you need any further assistance on bulk SMS business.

3. Catering and snacks production 

If you are a lady and knows how to cook good food or knows how to make some snacks like egg roll, fish roll, doughnuts, cakes and pies. You can start making money from it by making them and probably selling them at your PPA.
You can also start teaching people and make more money from such service.

4. Sport viewing centres

Yes. You heard me right.
If you are lucky to be living in an environment where we have sport lovers, it’s time you go beyond just shouting and arguing about Chelsea and Arsenal, and start looking into how to make money from such opportunity.

Set up a viewing centre and people will start paying you to watch football matches at your centre. This will only cost you a little to set up.
After one or two months, you can employ someone who will be in charge of the place and brings in your money  even while you are not personally there.
It’s a brilliant source of passive income you should consider.

5. Helping with student’s Projects and assignments

If you are posted to a tertiary institution, you can start approaching the students with good cortesy and packaging that you can help them with their projects or assignments.
We all know that most of these students don’t have time for such on their own due to laziness or some other factors. So you can do that for them and collect your money.
Imagine you writing an assignment for 30 students or project work for 10 students in 3 departments. you should know how much is likely going to enter your pocket.

6.  Monetize your Skills

Haven’t you heard that “the gift of a man shall make way for him”
That skill of yours, don’t you think you can make money from it? If you can Dance, beat drums, play any instrument, make hand crafts and so on.
Tell people you can do such and arrange a class for them; may be every weekends and offer to teach them for a token. If you are really god at what you proclaimed to be doing, you will be surprised how much you will make out of it.

7.  Livestock farming

There is gentle and cool money in this practice than what people do see from outside. Go into rearing of poultry birds, fishes, snails and rabbits and make good money. After you already have those animals to sell, package yourself and walk up to hotels and restaurants, tell them you have chickens, snails, cat fish you can be selling to them at cheaper rates. And many people will surely be willing to buy from you; because you are a Corper.

8.  E-book Production

Are you good at writing?  You can start putting your great ideas into writing even when you don’t have enough money yet for its publication. You can produce them as e-books. E-books will cost you virtually nothing to produce.
write about how to solve some difficult challenges, how to make some food recipe, how to write and pass exams e.t.c. Then go online and use that your same facebook account and inform people about your book.
And trust me you are going to sell pretty well if the books really addressed a good problem.

9.  Blogging and other Online business

You can learn how to go about blogging in just 2 days. You will start writing and make good money from it. I could remember my first two blogs, including this one; nysctales.com and wearefemales.com started while i was serving.

There are lots of legitimate businesses you can do online and smile to the bank everyday.

10.  Computer centres

You can open a small computer center where you do some typing, photocopy and scanning. To set this up will only take a small amount of money. And you can also start teaching people some little stuff about computer in your shop.

All those fresh secondary school gtaduates. Teach them the use of computer and you will be surprised we have lots of them that will keep recommending you to their friends.

By this, you will be able to pull more cash to make ends meet.

11.  Video game centres

This also is a good way of making money for the male corpers. All you need to do is set up a small shop and get video games there, encourage students to start patronizing you by giving discounts on the games they play. If you have 50 students playing game at your shop daily, you should know the amount you will be realizing at the end of the month. Don’t forget, you won’t need any subscription for it, only a source of power. That’s all, and you are good to go.

12.  Plantain chips production

Did that sounds funny? Yes. Just the same way it sounds funny is the same way it brings in good money for serious corpers who understands packaging and lucky enough to be posted to where we have bananas in surplus.

Make them, package them well and put your brand on it. Sell them in schools and to other retailers and make good money.

The most important thing is to study your environment and see which of these business ideas will work best in your locality.

Feel free to contact me any time if you need any help or advice. You can reach me through this blog or mail me at [email protected]….. And if you find this information helpful, share it with your friends to help them also.

Good luck.