5 Reasons Why You Might Miss Nysc This Coming 2019 Batch

Recently we’ve been hearing that the next batch of NYSC would begin their registration after the 2019 Presidential election slated on February 16 and Governorship election on March 2. Even if the registration kicks off, there are still some people that won’t participate in the 2019 NYSC programme.
The following reasons might make you miss this coming NYSC batch:
1. Your Institution: This is not even a thing to bargain with because it’s as important as it sounds. There is no way you can go for service if your institution fails to clear you. You have to make sure you don’t have any carry-overs or other issues with your institution that will stall your clearance. Also, make sure you fill the NYSC mobilization form wherever it is required. Some higher institutions require graduates of their school to fill the form at the Department of Students’ Affairs. Not all schools do this, but you should confirm just to be on a safe side.
2. JAMB Regularization: It’s now “JAMB Late Application” but was formerly referred to as “regularization”. This provides an opportunity for candidates that are in any institution but with no JAMB registration number to regulate between Jamb and your institution. Therefore, if you do not have a JAMB registration number or if your admission is not directly from JAMB, your name will not be on the NYSC mobilization list. So be sure to go to the JAMB portal and get this sorted out on time if you fall in this category.
3. You Are Already 30 Years Old: I’m sure you already know that once you’re 30 years old before you graduate from school, you may not be able to go for NYSC service. Your exemption letter – which is a letter that will tell you that the NYSC has given you a permission to move on, will be on your dashboard. If you are already 30 before you graduate from your institution, you may not be spending the next 12 months in a strange land. You can go ahead and apply for a job or start your business or do anything you want with your exemption letter. But sometimes, you can get “lucky” and still be called up to deserve if you know what I mean.

4. Statement Of Result: If you are already a graduate of any institution and you don’t have your certificate or statement of result at hand, you will not be able to go for NYSC service. The statement of result or certificate is very important in NYSC and if you don’t have it, you will not be allowed to stay in the NYSC orientation camp. You will be expected to submit this during camp registration and it will be pointless if you can’t present it at the spot. Go get this before you think of leaving to camp or anything as you can’t even plead your way out.
5. Your Village people: Do you know that even if you don’t have any issue with all what is highlighted above; you will definitely go for service unless your village people are following you. And the only way to break this hold is to the needful.

What do you thing? Also add whatever we may have missed below.

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