7 Activities To Do or Avoid in NYSC Camp

Activities on Nysc camp

    Since camp ground is a different soil entirely for prospective corp members. The major question always rumbling in their minds is, “What are the Dos’ and Donts’ of the camp ground”.

  I can tell accurately that by now, the ‘Otondos’ must have fully acknowledge that they are no longer in the comfort of their homes.

Though by now, to some people, camp is already like Hell while some would have already be clicking on the fun. But truely camp is a mixture of both. Only if you will avoid somethings, and get involved in some. Let’s get started:


Soldiers and trainers on camp always threaten prospective corpers by making them believe it’s a must for them to partake in the Parade.

But because you have access to this information now, i tell you its never compulsory for you.

Parade can be tiring, stressful and life threatening. As Sometimes, you may have to stand under the sun for hours learning the rudiments of Parade.

So if You cant endure it, exempt yourself from it. It may not be easy though, but a good excuse can do the magic.
Nevertheless, Parade also has its own fun. Especially when you start getting it well and start feeling like a “Major General of Army

Another activity you will be engaged with, in the first 2 weeks is the series of lectures.

Pleass be actively involved in this, even if it means to inconvenient yourself to avoid sleep. Sleep is the disease that do infect 70% of corpers at this time.

Listening to these lectures can pave a good way for you in your service year and even set your feet on a foundation of financial freedom for the rest of your life.

During this time, ideas and vision do fly about in the air.

They will teach how to invest, save, explore opportunities, the culture of your new home e.tc.
GRAB them well.

I could remember it was during the lecture of the CBN that i got the vision for my “Personal CDS Project” which did wonders for me in my Service year- i met people i never thought i would meet, go to places i only hear about… its really great (don’t worry, you can learn about my personal Cds project and how i got about it on the CDS section of this blog).

During these lectures, opportunity will be given to corp members to ask questions.
PLEASE TRY and put up your hand for questions even if d question you want to ask is not worth asking.

The purpose of this is to try to keep yourself attentive during the lecture, keep you from sleeping and also serve as a means of PUBLICISING yourself to the camp officials, especially if you want to be posted to urban areas of your state.

Believe me, it worked for me.
Before the end of our camping, almost every corp members knew my name, not to talk of the officials. The corpers do my Introduction for me as they shout my name before i do, to ask a question. No wonder i was posted to the most commercial center of the state.
It can work for u too. Don’t pay anybody for your posting; it can be fake.


 SAED (Skill Acquisition And Entrepreneurship Development) lectures are very important for you to be a part of.
This is when different entrepreneurer experts will be brought to camp to teach different skills. This exercise usually last for a whole week.

You will be asked to choose just one skill to learn out of all the available ones like:

  • Soap making
  • Argo-Allied (rearing poultry birds, snails, cat fish, pigs, rabbits, dogs e.t.c ) 
  • Bead making and adornments
  • Cosmetology (Detergent, toilet wash, perfume, cream, liquid soap e.t.c)
  • Batik (tie & dye making, fabric printing e.t.c)
  • P.O.P making
  • Solar generator making
  • ICT 
  • Catering
  • Tailoring

 I will advise you to decide well before choosing any one. Don’t be influenced by your friend’s choice, but rather, go for the one that will benefit you latter in life.


This is highly forbidden on camp. Don’t get involved in any sexual act of any kind.
If you are caught in such act, you will be expelled from camp immediately. And that means waiting for another year to participate in Nysc. Not to talk of the humiliation, disgrace, disappointment and waste of stressful efforts included.

Don’t do it: endure. Its just  for 3 weeks 


Avoid every criminal activities and don’t get around people that participates in such. Ranging from stealing, raping, intimidating and cultism.

If you are caught with any of these, you will be expelled from camp.


Honesty and hard-work are great treasures that are highly rewarding on camp. Be very hardworking in any section you may find yourself on camp.

If you find any lost property, remit it to the appropriate quarter.
Because these two qualities (honesty and hard-work) are capable of bagging you an award; monetary or otherwise, even before you leave camp.

7. GLUE TO “Nysc Tales”

This is a blog that carries all the information you will need for a successful service year.
It’s your best pal. visit the blog often, comment and share among your friends.

Shear this blog “NYSC Tales” with your friend. So that they too, could also benefit from the timely updates.

Have a wonderful camping in the bossom of NYSC.

#Happy camping!

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