NECO Agriculture Practical Exam 2022/2023 Questions and Answers (Complete Solution)

NECO Agriculture Practical Exam 2022/2023 Questions and Answers (Complete Solution)

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2022 NECO Agriculture Practical Questions and Answers Because they don’t comprehend the questions, many NECO applicants struggle to provide accurate answers to the agriculture practical questions. I’ll demonstrate to you how to successfully complete NECO Agric Science Practical problems and score well on your Agricultural Science examination in 2022.NECO Government 2022/2023 Exam Questions and Answers (Theory and Objectives)

Before answering any question, you must be familiar with the NECO Agriculture Practical marking scheme in order to present your responses in a way that will appeal to the examiner and help you receive high marks.

Keep in mind that each process receives a grade. Therefore, be sure to follow all the steps in order to report and present your actual results.. Additionally, keep in mind how crucial clean drawing and labelling are.2022–2023 NECO Computer Studies Exam Questions and Answers (Essay and Objectives)

You will be required to conduct an experiment and present your findings.

What you observe will be quite similar to the NECO Agricultural Specimen provided to your school.

NECO Agriculture Exam Questions and Answers

Only for practice purposes; they are not part of the 2022 NECO Agriculture practical exhibition.

NECO Agricultural Practices 2022 (EXPO)

Note: During the NECO Agric Practical test, the 2022 NECO Practical Agriculture solutions (expo) will be provided here. To be informed when the answers are uploaded, keep checking and refreshing this page. Remember to refresh this page to view the solutions.neco-agric-practical/

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A ==> Hand fork

B ==> Dibber

C ==> Cross staff

D ==> Cast net

E ==> Feeding trough


A==> It is used to aerate the topsoil surrounding seedlings.

B ==> it is used for root crop harvesting, such as yam

C ==> Its function is to calculate angles and elevations.

D==> It is utilized to catch fish.

E ==> Animal food is placed there.


Store in dry and cool place


(i) Lead weights

(ii)Hand line


(i) keeps the environment clean and clear of feeds

(ii) keeps animal food clean and within reach


F ==> Clayey soil

G ==> Sandy soil

I ==> Earthworm

J ==> Termite


(i) It is an all round soil

(ii) loamy soils are easily worked or cultivated in both dry and wet forms

(iii) It is well aerated


(i)G is fine grained while H is coarse

(ii) G is light brown in colour while H is white


(i) Soil organic matter

(ii) soil texture

(iii) soil pH


(i) use of chemicals and pesticides

(ii) use of termite baits


K ==> Grass hopper

L ==> Bean Weevil

M ==> Mealybug


K ==> biting and chewing

L ==> Boring

M ==> sucking


K ==> Maize

L ==> Bean

M ==> Mango


(i) Consumes leaves, which lowers crop output.

(ii) Making the seed unusable for sowing

(iii) drawing plant sap causes yellowed leaves, stunted growth, or plant death.


(i) chemical control using insecticides

(ii) cultural control eg using resistant varieties

(iii) physical control eg hand picking of insects and larvae


N ==> Animal skin

O ==> Tick

P ==> Roundworm


(i) User as a raw material for clothes

(ii) Serve as a source of food


(i) It has four pairs of jointed in walking legs

(ii) The moth parts are hidden in a groove


(i) inflicts wounds that attracts flies

(ii) causes irritation




(ii) dog


(i) Pig

(ii) sheep


(i) routine piperazine medication deworming

(ii) Providing access to pure and clean water

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