Difference Between NYSC Stream 1 & 2 Explained

Difference between NYSC stream 1 and 2

Difference between NYSC stream 1 and 2

Many prospective corps members (pcm’s) have wondered what the difference between NYSC Stream 1 and 2 really is. We’re going to discuss in details the meaning of NYSC Stream, How the Streams are divided, Why it is important to divided batches, How to identify the Stream one belongs, and lots more.

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NYSC Stream

The national youth service corps program mobilizes 3 batches every year (A,B& C) and each batch is divided into two. Thus, NYSC Stream simply put is the dividing of a particular batch into two different groups for convenience purpose.


How NYSC Stream 1 and 2 are Divided

It is best known by the logistics department of NYSC to determine how Streams are gotten. It is important to note that one doesn’t belong to a stream because of the State of Origin, institution, course study, gender or the time of registration.

Why is it Important to Divide Batches

The idea of dividing batches into two Streams in NYSC is due to population and availability of amenities. In regards to regulate the crowd and make camp comfortable and accommodating, the splitting of batches becomes important. At the end of each NYSC registration, the management will look at the population size and if it is too much there will be splitting known as Streams. 

How to Identify the NYSC Stream you Belong

Identifying the Stream one belong is very easy and it is discovered during the printing of NYSC call-up letter. After the NYSC registration, When the call-up letter is ready, only those in Stream I will be able to see and print their call-up letter on their dashboard. If you’re not in the Stream, you will see “sorry you’re not in this Stream but will be notified when to print your call-up letter”.


How Can I Skip the Stream I Belong

Note that Streams can’t be skipped. If you’re in Stream 1 and you refused to go, you will have to wait for the next batch. Many people always want to skip Stream 1 and go with Stream 2, remember that it is on rare cases for the management to open the portal for Stream II to do a fresh registration and if there’s no fresh registration for Stream II skipping Stream I can’t be allowed.

However, if there will be a fresh registration for Stream II, then you can be able to skip Stream I and you will be in Stream II once the portal is opened for registration.

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