NECO Government 2022/2023 Exam Questions and Answers (Theory and Objectives)

NECO Government 2022/2023 Exam Questions and Answers (Theory and Objectives)


NECO Government 2022 Exam Questions and Solutions. In this post, I’ll provide you with free access to previous Government objectives and theories repeated questions. Additionally, you’ll comprehend how NECO Government exam questions are composed and how to respond to them.2022–2023 NECO Computer Studies Exam Questions and Answers (Essay and Objectives)

The Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education are administered by Nigeria’s National Examinations Council (NECO) every June/July and December/January, respectively.

2022 NECO Government Essay Objectives and Solutions (Expo)

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NECO Government OBJ








A bill is a piece of proposed legislation that a legislature is debating. The legislature must adopt a bill before it becomes a law, and in most situations, the administration must also approve it.


(i) First reading

This is the initial phase of a bill becoming law, which calls for the presenting of the written bill to the legislature. The house clerk reads the proposed legislation to the legislators present. The bill will be printed into leaflets and delivered to the members for proper assessment prior to the second reading once the title has been read and there has been no objection.

(ii) Second reading

The bill will be pondered and discussed at this point. The bill’s author will be given the opportunity to defend the legislation and explain its rationale. Members will then vote to forward the bill to the next phase. If the bill is approved If there is a majority vote, it will advance; otherwise, it will end without change.

(iii) The committee stage

Here, the bill is sent to one or more house committees for the required discussion and amendments. The house is divided into various committees, each of which considers a distinct subject.

(iv) Reporting phase

The numerous findings on the bill will be recorded at this stage for the purpose of amendment. The speaker or chairman of the standing committees will read any conclusions or reports regarding the measure.

(v) Third reading

The measure will now undergo one more round of thorough evaluation and scrutiny to make sure the changes are made correctly. Before presenting the measure to the executive for approval, a final vote will be taken during this phase. after the approval before the executive is asked to approve the bill. The bill becomes a law once the executive president gives it his consent.

(2) – Emergency Period: During a state of emergency, a nation’s citizens may not have access to all of their human rights. Rights like the right to freedom of movement when a curfew is imposed during a crisis

– Ignorance and Poverty: Due to ignorance, many people fail to pursue their legal claims, which causes them to pass away in silence.



– A citizen owes allegiance to his country.

– A citizen has political and fundamental rights.

– At the time of war a citizen can be compelled by the government to join military service.

– A citizen automatically acquires the citizenship of his country by virtue of his being born in the country, an alien can only become a citizen through a process of naturalization and registration.

– A citizen’s citizenship cannot be revoked even if he commits a crime, as it is not a privileged status.

– A citizen have a greater sense of security.


– An alien does not owe allegiance.

– An alien does not have any right to participate in government process.

– An alien cannot be compelled to undertake military activities.

– An application by an alien for naturalization may be rejected by the government of the country of his domicile

– An alien citizenship of a naturalized Citizen can be revoked if he is convicted of a serious crime.

– An alien live under a state of fear (fear of arrest, fear of mob attack, fear of destruction of property etc).

NO (4)

– Elections: In a political system, the sole authority for planning and overseeing all elections falls to the electoral commission.

– Ensuring free and fair elections: The commission’s specific responsibility is to oversee the holding of free and fair elections in a nation.

– Announcement of Election Results: According to the legislation, only the body may do so.

– Honesty and Fair Play: When making decisions, especially on the conduct of the elections, an electoral commission is obliged to act honestly and fairly.

– Led by a Chairman: The chairman directs the commission, and the other members are appointed.

-Fixed Terms of Office: Each member of the electoral commission is appointed for a set period of time.

NO (5)

(i) The rulers of the nation are elected by the public.

(ii) It is a government run by and for the people.

(iii). Democracy improves the quality of decision-making.

(iv) Democracy provides a method to deal with differences and conflicts.

(v) Democracy enhances the dignity of citizens.

(vi) Democracy is better than other forms of government because it allows us to correct our own mistakes.


– The Central Government’s Legislative Structure:

A bicameral legislature should be located in the center, the conference decided. In other words, the nation should have a Senate and a House of Representatives. Each zone shall send twelve (12) senators to the Senate, plus four (4) from Lagos.

– Establishment of the Prime Minister’s Office:

The creation of the Prime Minister position was agreed upon by the parties present at the conference. The leader of the party with the greatest majority in the House of Representatives may be appointed as prime minister by the governor general.

– Regional self government:

The meeting gave in to the regions’ requests for self-governance. As a result, in August, the Eastern and Western Regions became independent.The Northern Region attained self-government in March 1959, while the Eastern and Western Regions did so in August 1957.

– Establishment of the Eastern Region House of Chiefs:

The conference decided that a House of Chiefs with 60 members should be established in the Eastern Region in response to the request for a second chamber. With the other areas being bicameral, this was done to bring the region into line.

– Status of Lagos:

The meeting noted that competing suggestions existed about Lagos’ status as the federal capital. Delegates from the Western Region advocated that Lagos should be a part of the region whereas the Northern and Eastern Regions also urged that Lagos should have an independent status.

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The questions below are the NECO past questions and answers that will help you in your 2022 NECO Government Questions.

The questions below are the NECO 2022 Government Practice Questions. Go through them and get ready to score high in your NECO 2022 Government Examination.

1.Citizenship can be gotten by





ANSWER: A (Nationalization)

2.In the unitary system of government, power is originated from

a)a rigid constitution

b)the judiciary

c)the executive head of state

d)one source of authority

ANSWER: D (one source of authority)

3.The power given to the central government in a federation is primarily contained in the

a)Central legislative list

b)exclusive legislative list

c)residual legislative list

d)concurrent legislative list

ANSWER: B (Exclusive legislative list)

4.A constitution is said to be rigid if it

a)can only be interpreted by the military

b)is written by difficult authors

c)cannot be amended by the executive

d)has cumbersome provision for its amendment

ANSWER: D (has cumbersome provision for its amendment)

5.One of the following political parties in Nigeria formed the opposition in the House of Representatives during the First Republic

a)NCNC and AG


c)NPC and AG

d)AG and UMBC


6.Red-tapism in the civil service refers to

a)the use of red tapes in document

b)slowness of action

c)the cooperation between civil servants and politicians

d)the politicization of the civil service

ANSWER: B (slowness of action)

7.One of the roles of political parties is to

a)make laws

b)declare a state of emergency

c)interpret the constitution

d)aggregate interest

ANSWER: D (aggregate interest)

8.Africa became the centre-piece of Nigeria’s foreign policy under the regime of

a)Tafawa Balewa

b)Yakubu Gowon

c)Murtala Muhammed

d)Shehu Shagari

ANSWER: C (Murtala Muhammed)

9.One of the following is not an OPEC member state?





ANSWER: D (Ghana)

10.One of the following is permanent in international politics?

a)Bilateral relationship

b)Economic Aid


d)Permanent interest

ANSWER: A (Bilateral relationship)

Advice for Passing the NECO Government Questions

The advice provided below will help you pass your

Set a goal and work toward achieving it

I am confident that you have made the decision to pass NECO Government 2022. Setting goals is the next thing you should do.

Not only have you promised yourself, “I will get an A in Neco Government 2022,” but you’ve also taken action. You must establish a plan for how to implement it. To attain your goals, make a master strategy and timeframe.

Get the suggested government textbook for the 2022 NECO exam.

NECO typically suggests literature for the test. However, unless you are taking NECO Literature in English, where specific novels are required, you may use any respectable government textbook to prepare. But you may use any reputable government textbook to study for the NECO 2022 exam.

Some texts are more challenging to comprehend. Get a textbook that will clarify any things you are having trouble understanding so that your life will be better.

Please Do Not Skip the Government Examples and Exercises You Will Read:

While reading textbooks, many applicants enjoy skipping exercises and even examples. We even have the question, “Can I read my notebook and pass NECO Government 2022?” because we love notebooks so much. Don’t be afraid to try the Government exercises. Take on the obstacles

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