How Can I Change My NYSC PPA?

How Can I Change My Nysc PPA?

Nysc place of primary assignment (PPA) is one of the important arms of Nysc. Together with the 3-weeks Orientation course, CDS (community development service), and POP (passing out parade) makes up the scheme.
So, just like it’s important for every prospective corp member to be in the 3-weeks Orientation camping, so also no corper can completely pass through the service year without having a PPA.

Place of primary assignment, as it fully means, is the place a corp member will be posted to serve immediately he/she leaves the camp. You are expected to go to your PPA and render your unreserved commitment to them and to the entire community as a whole for the next one year.
Before, places where corpers are posted to includes banks, companies, schools and other big government firms. But today, 90% of corpers are now serving in schools.
Yes. You heard me right, 90% are going to schools after camp.

After getting your PPA posting letter on camp (that’s a letter that will bear the name and location of your PPA), you are expected to visit the place and check if they are ready to receive you. Ready to receive you in the sense of providing everything needed for you.

If you are then satisfied with all the provisions and ready to work with them, your posting letter will be collected from you and an acceptance letter will be issued to you in replacement.
It’s the acceptance letter you will take to the Nysc office for you to proceed with some other things you need to do: like opening a bank account for your allowance payment.

How Can I Change My Nysc PPA?


Sample of Nysc acceptance Letter

But peradventure you did not like the new PPA, due to some reasons or the other, that is when you will now talk of changing the PPA and get another one.
In such case, you will not be collecting acceptance letter from the PPA but a Rejection letter. They will have to first reject you (backed up with rejection letter) before you can start thinking of getting another PPA. If they refuse to reject you, you are not going anywhere.

When should a corper seek for rejection?

  • When the accommodation given to you is not worth it. According to Nysc policy, any employer requesting for corper should be ready to provide some basic amenities for the comfort of such corper like good accommodation and some other things which are also stated in your posting letter. So when such establishment is not ready to provide such, the next thing for them is to reject you (Ask for it).  “How can a corper be housed in a place having no toilet facility and with leaking roof? Abeg, change PPA”
  • When the establishment already have enough corpers, workers, or helping hands, they may decide to reject you.
  • If the corper do not fit-in to the available space in the firm, they can also reject corpers in such instance.
  • When the payment is low or none at all. Employers are expected to pay you some certain amount of money monthly to complement your federal allowance. It is called local allowance and usually not less than #5000. It could be more than that, depending on the state and PPA in question.  If your employer wants to pay lower or said he has nothing to give you because he’s already given you accommodation. Move a motion for rejection.
  • Other motives:  If you also have some other personal ambitions, you can ask for rejection. For instance, in the case of having the intention of doing some personal business, going to a firm already had in mind; probably because of their pay, or having the intention of serving as a ghost.


How to go about the changing of PPA

Trust me, when we talk about changing PPA and seeking for rejection letter, it could be difficult sometimes.
Nevertheless, these are some ways you can go about doing that:

__Polite talk

This is when you have a polite negotiation with your PPA and make them see reasons why you can not work with them.
In such case, you will have to provide reasonable excuses to them, because many PPA will not want to reject you. Especially if it’s a private school.

See for yourself too….They had written a letter to Nysc office requesting for a corper to be posted to their school, even before the Orientation camp commence; They waited for weeks for you to arrive their school; They are short of teachers and so need you desperately to join them; Now you finally arrived asking them to reject you. If you are in their position, will you do that?”….. Lol. You are simply joking.

So it can be very difficult and sometimes impossible for them to reject you by simply negotiating with them. But if you have enough excuses to help your request, you may be lucky. It’s also a bit easier to negotiate for rejection with public schools than with privates. Because many public schools won’t be willing to provide all the required amenities needed for you, and you can use that as an advantage to be rejected.

__ Complain to Nysc 

Another way to make Nysc change your PPA is to complain to the Nysc office when your PPA has refused to reject you.
You do that by writting a complain letter to them about your PPA and request for a change.
If the accommodation given to you is not worth it; your payment is ridiculous; if there is a threath to your life there, you will make everything known to them in the letter and submit to Nysc.  They will get you another Place of Primary Assignment to accommodate you for the next one yea.

But it’s not always easy to get your PPA changed like that. Because many corpers now use different lies and excuse to frame up their PPA in other to be rejected, all out of selfish ambition. Nysc no longer know what to believe and therefore rejects many requests for a change of PPA.

But there could also be some other ways to go about it. I called them ‘the tricky ways’. But trust me, if you can play them well, result is guaranteed….. Lol
The tricks include:

__Display of Aggression 

It can be funny, but also the truth, that no employer will like to have an aggressive person on the list of their employees.
So pose yourself as one to them.

Flair up at every little statement made by the principal (if it’s a school). Rant and refuse to be appeased.
Show a ugly Aggression on your 1st day at the PPA and afterwards request for a rejection.
Even before you request for rejection, am sure they would have started negotiating a rejection with you.

__Act like a stammerer

Thank God, you are no longer a kid. And you must have watched enough Nollywood movies. It’s time to act them out now.

I may be sounding funny now, must am seriously telling you what’s uptainable out there.
When you get to your PPA, stammer with every word you said. If you want to introduce yourself, let it take you 2 mins before you finish…
“Haaaa haaaaa ammmmm Abuuubbuubbuuuddulai MmmMohaaaaMooohaaamed’.

Now tell them you will like to take some important subjects like Mathematics, Physics, or English Language.

Am sure the principal will send your letter of rejection by himself.
But you will have to act out the role perfectly well.

If you are still confused about anything on How to change your Nysc PPA, feel free to use the comment box, and I will answer you Asap!

But before you go, take some moment to see the frequently asked questions (FAQ) bellow:



  • What is the benefit of getting rejected?

It’s true; it may sound negative, but has lots of benefits. If you are rejected from one PPA, you will have the opportunity of looking out for a more conducive PPA by yourself. And perhaps, one with a higher pay. Because in that situation, your new employer will want to dance to many of your tunes and so give you everything you want.

  • Can I change PPA after am already accepted and started working?

Yes, it’s also possible. Just that it’s not always as easy as when you have not been accepted at all. For you to be changed in this situation, you must be able to present a really genuine and important reason and excuse to Nysc.


  • Can I change to a new Local government entirely?

The chance of doing that is 30%. In many cases, it’s not possible except there are some issues surrounding it. And also if money is involved, it can be possible. Hope you know what i mean?…. lolz


  • What of if my PPA refuse to reject me after staying with them for some time?

Write a “change of PPA request letter” to Nysc. If they still don’t do anything about it, remain persistent in writing and complaining to them. Before you had written 4 letters, they will change your PPA.


  • If am rejected, but i don’t want Nysc to give me a PPA, what do i do?

In that case, after getting your rejection letter, go and look for a good place for you. Negotiate terms with them and collect a request letter from such establishment. It’s going to be a request letter requesting for a corper to be posted to their establishment.
Take both the rejection and request letter to the office. They will take it and repost you to that same place you want them to post you. Duration is 2 weeks.


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  1. You should tell them to give u a rejection letter. But if its a public school, just tell your L.I (some public schools dont usually necessarily have to give rejection letter)…. just let your L.I know

  2. Thanks for this platform..pls I want to change my ppa as I ve already gotten a new place. The company gave me an acceptance letter instead of a request letter will it be accepted

  3. Please the school i was posted to have sign on the rejection colum,and i have goten a school that is ready to accept me. Whats the next step from here

  4. Go to the new school to give you a request letter which you will take to the Nysc office. the letter will show they wants your service in their school.
    It means you will be taking both rejection and request letter to Nysc.
    then Nysc will post you to the new school.

  5. Hello, great post. Please how can I print my PPA letter from the NYSC portal?. I was redeployed for treatment due to medical reasons before the 3 weeks orientation exercise elapsed and I was told to print my PPA letter online.

  6. Simply go to the school/company or organization and meet the person in charge. Tell him/her that you are a corp member who would love to serve their and that you need a request form from them. They would give you the form and you fill your details and take it to your LGI for recognition/approval. Goodluck.

  7. Good morning sir. Please I was posted to a government ministry for my PPA, the pan secretary I met there after the commission have signed for acceptance then told me that they don't follow up NYSC scheme: accommodation, local allowance and others. After saying that he asked me if that will delay me working with them, so me out of fear of being rejected I said no. Two am new in the state I don't hav a place to stay and I need a PPA that offers accommodation and local allowance pls what can I do now am in danger now I need help……

  8. Hello. You can try to meet with other corpers around you and stay with them pending when you get settled..
    Option 2- If you are a Christian or Muslim, there are family houses where you are given accommodation temporarily or permanently. Look for a Church/Mosque around and they should hook you up.
    Option 3- tell them you want a PPA that will give you accommodation or stipends and ask them to to give you a rejection letter. If they do, take your time to look around for schools that offer accommodation and get a request letter.

    Good luck!

  9. Good morning ma/sir, I just printed my posting letter on Friday. I am planning to go to d ppa today but mind is not dere is some where else n tomorrow is CDs.please I don't know if it's possible for Dem to reject me today n still pasticipart in CDs tomorrow. Am confused cos am a family woman wit a kid my husband recently got a new job in anoda local government(Auchi) he is requesting I must b wit him to save my marriage. Please notify me n sorry for disturbing u nks

  10. Good morning. Please wats the format for writing letter requesting for rejection from a ppa because they've already accepted me but I can't cope there.. please what steps do i take? Thank you..

  11. If you have not submitted the acceptance letter to your LGA then it's quite easy. If you have, no issues. Simply meet whoever is in charge of corpers' issues in you PPA and speak genuinely to the person. State reasons why you can't cope and honestly ask for help. All these people know that there is nothing much for corpers are willing to help. He/she may help you also speak with your LGI if you have submitted the acceptance letter already. It's your rapport with such a person that would get you a change of PPA. On the other hand, if you leg is well balanced, you can meet your LGI directly and explain reasons why you can't cope and your case would be resolved.

  12. pls i want to change my ppa because i cant cope there anymore due to health challenges but ive been working with them for six months now…. Is it still possible for me to change ppa

  13. Rush straight to your LGI. He/she would reach out to your camp officials and they will get another one for you. Just be gentle when making the request because it's not your right to ask for another one.

  14. Please sir, I need help
    I'm having issues with my ppa and I want reposting. So, I went to my LGI and lay my complaint, and he asked me to write a request. But I don't know how to go about it

  15. It's going to be a formal request letter having your address and to the Nysc DG thru the other officials (LGI, state coordinator–like the way you did it when submitting letter to be permitted to travel after camp). Then the opening and content stating what you want, then you close it..

  16. I was posted to a senior Secondary school, was accepted in a the same school but a junior secondary school. Without even going to the senior secindary school. all documentation has being made. I hope its not a big issue, and if it is what are the implications

  17. Gudday.. Pls I was posted to a PPA.I got there and saw I can't cope in such place because I got medical issue recently.I spoke politely with d owner of the private school and he bluntly refused to give me a rejection letter.I pleaded and state my reasons, he bluntly refused and accepted me even without us discussing where am to stay and amount am to be paid.I have a recommendation letter from another PPA in a new lGA,pleaded my case at d Z.I office to no avail..Pls wat can I do now?

  18. It can take as much as a month, it can even be changed in a few days.
    I suggest you start making plans to move to your new place if you applied based on health grounds.