How to get NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate

How to get NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate

NYSC medical fitness certificate is one of the mandatory requirements before Nysc orientation Camp. It has to be certified by a government owned hospital. Below we will discuss vividly on how to obtain an authentic medical fitness Certificate.

Why Medical Fitness Certificate is necessary

This is necessary because it gives basic health information about someone. It is also used to ascertain the medical fitness and health status of PCMs for NYSC orientation camp activities.

This criteria requested by NYSC management was initiated after the demise of some corps members during orientation camp activities in 2016. NYSC Scheme declared to all prospective corps members that NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate is a prerequisite for stepping into any NYSC Orientation Camp.

Therefore it is important to note that all PCMs must present his/her Medical Fitness Certificate before registering and getting admitted into the Orientation Camp.

NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate Test List 

The following are required for a complete NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate

  • Blood Group
  • Genotype
  • PCV
  • HCV
  • Blood Pressure
  • Stool Analysis
  • Urinalysis
  • HIV

How to obtain your NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate 

It is expected of all PCMs to present a medical fitness certificate stamped and signed by the Chief medical officer of a government owned hospital. Such hospitals include: Federal Medical Centers, Teaching Hospitals, General Hospitals, General Specialist Hospitals, Hospitals built for Military, Police and Custom services.

  • Obtain the hospital’s registration card and open a folder with your name. You will be directed by the health officers on where to carry-out each test in the laboratory. Sometimes, the hospital may not have all it takes to complete the fitness test, PCMs have to visit private laboratories to conduct all the required tests.
  • On the completion of the required test, the results are to be taken to the chief medical officer of the registered hospital to certify the medical fitness where it will be signed and stamped with the government hospital’s stamp boldly printed

All PCMs are required to present the Medical Fitness Certificate as one of the qualifications for entering into the Orientation Camp. Ensure that the fitness certificate is not faked to avoid being prosecuted by the law.

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