How to Serve as a Ghost Corper During Nysc Service Year

Nysc; how to serve as a ghost corper

If you like you can call them ghost corpers, absenting corpers;, disappearing corpers, or off-site corpers.  Whatever you may want to call them doesn’t really matter. But one thing about them is that, they are corpers who are not always/never at their Place of Primary Assignments (PPA) during the service year. Yet, such corpers collects their monthly allowances that is due to them.

Ghost corpers are the corpers that are far away from their duty posts. For instance, a corper may be posted to serve in Enugu state and such corper never stays in Enugu but always found in Abia state. They don’t stay at PPA (that’s if they have one). Sometimes they don’t go for CDS meetings not to talk of perform other humanitarian service due to serving corp members. And yet they are still receiving their monthly Alawee without any problem whatsoever!

Before you will drive a nail into the head of those that do ghost their service, I think you need to see that it’s not all of them that do ‘ghosting’  out of no reason. There are lots of reasons that could make a corper absent from duty during NYSC, therefore making him/her serv as a ghost corper

1.  Jobs or other assignments could sometimes be the cause

Some people, before they were being mobilized for service, already had somethings they were doing. Some had good paying jobs and doesn’t want to lose such jobs because of NYSC. But because they also need to have the Nysc discharge certificate, they choose to serve as a ghost corper; serving and still doing their jobs.

2.  Marriage

 Marriage can sometimes also be the cause for this, especially among the females. Many of them have tried so hard during orientation camping to get deployed and relocated to where their hubbies and family resides but wasn’t successful. And because they have to be with their family, they may decide to completely ghost the service tinz.

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3.  Health challenges can also make a corper absent from their PPA

4.  Laziness and difficulty of some people to leave their comfort for service also make many want to serve as ghost corpers.

Though I don’t totally subscribe to corpers running away from service, yet if you think you don’t have any other choice than to ghost your service, then I will advise you pay close attention to this article; it may help you in going about it without bursting the gas tank over yourself.

Before I go into that, I need to tell you these two elements that are very important to your service. In fact, they are part of the reasons you came for NYSC service in the first place. And you know what? They are exactly what you will be putting on the line in case your ghosting wasn’t well planned and executed.

The two things are your

  • Monthly allowance (Alawee) 
  • and your NYSC Discharge Certificate

Before any corper can be entitled to these two benefits, he or she must have actively participated in the weekly CDS activities, PPA assignments, sign the monthly payment voucher in person and also be a part of some other assignments due to them as serving corp members.
Failure to do these things, you may not be able to get your allowance or certificate at due time.

Penalties; in case your ghosting back fired

  • It may cost you an extension. Where you will be penalized by extending your service year by             additional months or even a year. And mostly it’s without payment.
  • Delay or loss of monthly allowance
  • It may earn you a query from the NYSC office
  • And of course, it will deprive you of the sweet service experience you should have had

How to go about serving as a ghost corper

Serving as a ghost corper can be done in different ways:

  • Striking a deal with your PPA

If you are able to negotiate well with your PPA by explaining things to them, they may permit you to be away from the PPA and just be on your own.

They will just be issuing you the monthly clearance letter (to enable you sign your payment voucher) without even staying to render any service for them.
But it will still require you to be coming down to NYSC office for the weekly CDS meeting and also to sign your monthly payment voucher (p.v) which is always signed once a month. If you can also settle your CDS excos, you won’t need to b in CDS. They will always mark you present even when you are not around at the meetings.

Nevertheless, only very few PPA will allow you to leave them and go away just like that. What you can do in such instance is to tell them if you could employ someone else in your stead, and you will be the one paying such person to do the job. That’s a bit easier when your PPA is a school.

For instance, you are being posted to serve in a secondary school and asked to teach Commerce and Agric. You will just get someone out of the many people seeking teaching job in the area.  Offer to pay him/her to teach commerce and Agric in that school.
You will negotiate a reasonable price with the person and he/she will be doing what you are supposed to be doing in the school.

You can also strike a deal with the person in-charge in the school. Tell the person to keep your local allowance which they are supposed to be paying you monthly (and you can also add to it to make things quick) in order for them to allow you ghost the service.

Most times, it doesn’t happen except money is involved.

  • Approaching NYSC office

Another way you can go about serving as a ghost corper without needing to talk to your PPA, is approaching your Local government Inspector (L.I) and discuss business with him/her. It’s not a strange thing to them though.

You guys will agree on a certain percentage of your monthly allowance and the job will be done. This is often the easiest way, because with this, you may not even need to be coming down to sign the monthly payment voucher (P.V) neither will you need to worry about any CDS issues. The ‘Oga at the top’ (L.I) will settle it all.
“money speaking nawh… lol”

These are just the ways you can get your service done without you being there in person. But you need to be very careful about it. Be careful of who you meet to discuss business, so that you don’t go about waking a sleeping dog over yourself. If you do, the scheme will set up monitoring to watch over you closely in case of any absence from you.

Questions you may want to ask!

  • What if my PPA did not allow me and I don’t want NYSC office to know about it?

In this case, you don’t have any other option than to make your PPA agree with you, unless you want to consider speaking with the Nysc office about it.

  • What about the Bio-metric measure put in place by NYSC?

The bio-metric measure is not an issue here. It’s not being used at all in many states today and even the state that used it, only does that just once, and it’s for corpers serving in government establishments.

  • Can I discuss with the Zonal Inspector (Z.I) too?

Of course, you can. But it’s always advisable to talk to the L.I first because many Z.I are very strict with their duty unlike most of the L.I.


  1. What if my PPA accepted d ghost corper deal & wtout an arranged
    represntativ in d sch 2b taking my subject,hw can my monthly clearance b submited in L.I office.Who wl b doing dat on my behalf.Is it d Principal of d sch or… Infact,hw wil it b done?

  2. If the school agreed and you don't want to involve nysc office, it means you will have to be coming down once every month to sign your pv.

    But its good u let your L.I know about it so you dont have to be coming down

  3. Who am I to notify first about d ghost corper deal. Is it my PPA or my L.I. Aboveall,10ks 4d manner in which u provide answer 2 questns hereby.God blss.

  4. If u are able to make deal with your L.I, its always better. u may even not need to go to any ppa for clearance letter.

    But who knows, u may meet a crazy Nysc official that will ruin everything for u.

  5. Pls how do I get to know my local government inspector,if i was posted to a state where I couldn't get PPA,and I was connected to get one in a state i wasnt posted,can i fix things myself pls??

  6. What if my PPA accepted d ghost corper deal & wtout an arranged
    represntativ in d sch 2b taking my subject,hw can my monthly clearance b submited in L.I office.Who wl b doing dat on my behalf.Is it d Principal of d sch or… Infact,hw wil it b done?

  7. First off, NYSC frowns on that. But if your employer (in your PPA) allows you to be away, then you can just work on how to be around during the thunb printing and get yours done. there's no way you can skip that part but other parts can be worked round.

  8. Does Anambra state do biometrics for corper? Secondly, is the office of L.I located in local government area councils? Thirdly, if I get my posting letter, to LGA council, as my PPA, should I proceed to the PPA first or to the office of the L.I?

  9. How do I know my local government inspector and to know if he will accept my arrangement for ghosting stuff, so I don't cause trouble for myself

  10. I work in a law chamber, and they are not willing to do the ghosting business with me, in the case where I approach the L.I and he agrees will there be a problem if the law chamber discover that I have not been comming to work and decides to follow it up

  11. Am working at a law chamber and they would not allow me to stay away from my place of work, what if I negotiate it with the L.I wouldn't I backfire in cases the chamber want to follow it up

  12. Please if i didnt report to my PPA after camp after a month whats the consequence ?
    Because during this period i am working on my redeployment so if its click i move but if it doesnt can i go back to the initial PPA to now start with them?