How To Set Up And verify Your JAMB Profile 2022/2023 On Your Phone

How To Set Up And verify Your JAMB Profile 2022/2023 On Your Phone

JAMB 2022/2023 Profile. Have you ever wondered, “How can I build my JAMB profile on my phone for the 2022 exam?” If so, this guide will lead you through every step of generating the JAMB profile for 2022.How To Apply | JAMB Registration Form 2022/2023

Profile for JAMB

Many Jambites and Jambitos are frantically trying to enroll for the JAMB in 2022. Before beginning the registration process, one must first create a JAMB profile. Learn how to obtain the JAMB profile code for 2021 by reading on.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board introduced a technique for registering a Jamb account using only SMS on your phone, which made building a Jamb profile relatively simple.

You might now be wondering what the SMS code for the Jamb profile would look like and to which phone number I should send the message. You can use the tips listed below to assist you.

Making a JAMB Profile

The processes listed below should be followed to obtain your JAMB Profile Code:

NIN Space NIN Number can be sent via SMS to 55019. Send NIN 34567801207 to 55019 or 66019, which is the new profile code, if your NIN number is 34567801207. Use only a functional phone number.

You will receive a 10-character JAMB Profile Code on your phone, and you can use it to begin the JAMB registration process at any CBT location in the world.

You can also fix any errors you may make.

How to Generate Your JAMB Profile Code using USSD Dial *55019*1*NIN# to create your profile code for JAMB registration.

If you are having trouble generating your profile code, go to and open a ticket. Clearly describe the difficulties you ran into, and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

The profile code for the UTME/DE registration should have arrived by now. If not, send


Primary Name

To receive a code, enter your NIN or tracking ID mobile phone number.


[email protected].

It should be noted that using SMS is not the only way to create a Jamb profile.

Remember that if you already have an account, you don’t need to register a new profile.

You could like to construct your JAMB profile using this alternative method.

JAMB Profile Creation Instructions

  1. Click here to access the Jamb website
  2. Select Login.
  3. A fresh tab will appear.
  4. To create your Jamb profile, click the create new account button.

Your email will need to be verified.

  1. Select a security question from the drop-down menu by clicking select. For instance, who was your first boyfriend’s name?
  2. Type the same response in the final two spaces (the secret question-answer). If Isaac was/was your first boyfriend, type his name in the final two spaces and click on


  1. A dialogue box will appear asking you to confirm your email. Your email has problems if the box that is displayed to you does not exactly resemble the one below. Prior to creating your Jamb profile, create and validate a new email.
  2. Access your email account and confirm it. If the mail isn’t in the updates section, look in your spam folder. Relax if you still can’t locate it. It can take some time to get there.
  3. To continue the registration process, click the link that Jamb will send you.

Describe Profile Code

You will utilize the profile code, a 10-character code that is supplied to your phone when you create a JAMB profile, to begin JAMB registration at any approved CBT center around you.

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