“I Will Increase NYSC Allowance To #38,900” -Gen. Buhari

"I Will Increase NYSC Allowance To #38,900" -Gen. Buhari

The APC Presidential Candidate revealed in an exclusive media chat with FNN that he would single-handedly take the pains to make sure that the monthly allowance paid to serving youth corpers are increased from 19,800 Naira too 39,800 Naira if he is given the mandate of the people to steer the nation.

According to the retired General, Jonathan’s government is an insensitive government that is not concerned about the welfare of the common man on the street.

There is no doubt that the monthly stipend paid to Youth Corpers is barely sufficient to sustain them through the month, and a number of them engage in sharp practices and shady behaviors in order to keep body and soul together when the 19,500 Naira gets exhausted.

General Buhari promised that if the Youths of the nation give him their votes on February 14 *probably forgotten the date has been changed*, he is going to vehemently ensure that the monthly stipend paid to corpers is increased to 39,800 Naira, in a bid to alleviate the economic hardships of the youths.

When we asked him whether he has any economic blueprint to effect this increase in NYSC allowance, he replied that the APC government is a government of change which is going to come with their brooms to sweep away corruption in the public service, and in doing so, there would be excess funds realized from the battle against corruption which could be siphoned into productive ventures such as the increase in NYSC allowances.

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