Statistics for JAMB Admissions and Applications in 2022–2023

Statistics for JAMB Admissions and Applications in 2022–2023

JAMB Registration Statistics for 2022–2023 In JAMB 2022, you can locate the most popular university. As you’ll see in this piece, some colleges receive more applications than others.A Complete List of JAMB Offices in Nigeria | View Contact Information

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Knowing how many applicants applied for the same course as you in your school of choice is vital if you submitted a 2022 JAMB application in order to get admitted for the 2022–2023 academic year.jamb-admission-status/

This will help you understand how many rivals you will be up against and how to compete with them as effectively as possible in order to have a chance of being admitted.

Have you ever considered the number of people that applied to the same university and degree as you for the Jamb 2022 exam?

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This is where the solution is. To learn everything you need to know about JAMB course statistics 2022, make sure you read this article through to the conclusion.

If you’ve ever questioned the aforementioned statement, you’re not alone. The number of competitors in the universities, polytechnics, and courses of study of their choosing excites thousands of other Jamb hopefuls.

Typical yearly inquiries made by Jambites and Jambito include:

How many people submitted applications to the University of Benin (UNIBEN), UNILAG, UNIUYO, LASU, UI, UNILORIN, OAU, AAU, DELSU, ABU ZARIA, UNIPORT, and other universities to study medicine, law, engineering, accounting, pharmacy, business administration, and other subjects?

How do various Universities and Polytechnics do in terms of overall Jamb 2022 performance?

Can someone get into school this year with a low Jamb score (between 150 and 180)?

The Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Health Sciences emerged as the Faculty with the highest number of applicants during the just-completed 2020 JAMB UTME Registration.

A total of 435,897 candidates applied for the various courses offered by this faculty, with female candidates in the faculty contributing the most applications. There were 275,323 female applicants and 160,574 male applicants for the faculty.

See statistics of other faculties below

Who Applied To My School For the 2022 Jamb?

Since the most recent Jamb CBT Update, it has become quite challenging to provide a precise response. Jamb has traditionally issued official statistics following the announcement of results.

Candidates are able to gauge the amount of opponents they face. Things have changed now. Jamb no longer places much emphasis on making these statistics available to the public.

There are now 1,837,011 applicants registered for the UTME/DE in 2022.

However, I’ll keep you updated if Jamb ever makes the number of applicants to your top-choice institution public.

JAMB UTME Application Statistics by State of Origin 2020.


1 OYO 102,358 5.43

2 IMO 99,002 5.25

3 OSUN 94,381 5.00

4 OGUN 88,152 4.67

5 DELTA 84,518 4.48

6 KADUNA 84,431 4.48

7 KANO 80,638 4.27

8 BENUE 79,785 4.23

9 ANAMBRA 74,872 3.97

10 KOGI 74,553 3.95

11 KWARA 71,672 3.80

12 EDO 69,715 3.70

13 AKWA IBOM 67,738 3.59

14 ENUGU 66,594 3.53

15 ONDO 65,808 3.49

16 PLATEAU 54,504 2.89

17 ABIA 50,960 2.70

18 EKITI 46,153 2.45

19 RIVERS 45,862 2.43

20 NASARAWA 44,453 2.36

21 KATSINA 39,576 2.10

22 CROSS RIVER 37,166 1.97

23 BORNO 35,423 1.88

24 LAGOS 33,831 1.79

25 BAUCHI 32,902 1.74

26 NIGER 31,654 1.68

27 EBONYI 31,221 1.65

28 GOMBE 29,095 1.54

29 ADAMAWA 27,094 1.44

30 TARABA 26,637 1.41

31 JIGAWA 23,479 1.24

32 BAYELSA 19,680 1.04

33 YOBE 19,452 1.03

34 KEBBI 18,262 0.97

35 SOKOTO 16,473 0.87

36 ZAMFARA 9,999 0.53

37 FCT 7,736 0.41

38 OTHERS 392 0.02

Returning to the original question, how do I find out how many people applied to my course and university?

The steps listed below will take you through finding out how many applicants applied to study the same degree as you at your top-choice university:

The number of applicants and the course they applied to study may be made public by your school.

The number of applicants who applied to study at each institution, as well as the number of students enrolled in each course, would be made public by Jamb.

Utilize the school’s historical data to estimate the number of applicants for the same course as you.

The type of the course will make it evident how many people will apply. For example, every year 13,000 candidates applied to study medicine at Uniben, Unilag, Unilorin, etc.

At terms of academic specializations, we are aware that courses like medicine, pharmacy, law, accounting, engineering, business administration, and ecostatistics are highly competitive in all Nigerian universities.

In terms of admissions, the top federal universities are typically the most competitive, followed by state universities, polytechnics, and other federal universities. Private schools are typically the least competitive, as usual.

Jamb 2021 Results And Performance’s Nature

Overall, JAMB’s performance wasn’t all that horrible. While some failed, many passed. There were significantly more people with low scores than with high scores. If your score was low, you really are not alone. Jamb 2020 might not be far off.

Which Schools Will Accept Me Despite a Low Score?

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t do well on the Jamb 2022 results. You can still be accepted to reputable universities and polytechnics in the area.

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