NECO Results 2022–2023

NECO Results 2022–2023


NECO results 2022. This article will explain how to verify your NECO results and provide information on when they will be made public in 2022.(June/July) NECO Timetable 2022/2023 

NECO Results

The National Examination Council, or NECO, has published its results on the NECO result checking website. Candidates are required to purchase the NECO result card from any NECO office nationwide for 300 Naira

Checking NECO Results

Go to the NECO result checking website.

Choose the type of exam and the year it will be administered, then enter your card’s PIN number.

Type in your exam number.

the button labeled “Check My Result”

Watch for the display of your outcome.

Print your scorecard.

What ISN’T NECO’s “No CA 3” ( Continuous Assessment for students of 3)No CA 3 indicates that your institution has not uploaded its students’ continuous assessment number three to our database, and as a result, the results of such candidates will not be made public.

How do I fix it? You must pay 20,000 Naira for the final submission at the location where your candidates took the exam. All payments must be made to the NECO TSA ACCOUNT.

How Schools Can Pay for a CA 3 Submission That Is Late:

Before you can upload the CA3 of any candidate, you must first pay a late fee charge if you failed to upload your candidate’s CA 3 by the deadline.

You may find the cost for a late CA 3 upload here: is necessary before any applicant is permitted to view their findings.

Follow these methods to pay for a CA 3 that is past due:

Use your username and password to access your internal SSCE account.

You can either use the Make Payment button on your dashboard or the Payment button on the side menu to start a purchase.

Click the Submit button after selecting CA 3 as your selection.

To finalize your purchase, a redirect will take you to the Remitta website.

You can upload your CA 3 once your purchase has been made. Open the offline application, then enter each Candidate CA 3 who hasn’t been uploaded yet.


Candidates that are helpless to address the problem. Contact your school to take the necessary action.

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