Important NYSC Camp Travel Safety Tips you Should Know

NYSC Camp travel Safety tips

In this article we’re going to discuss in detail some NYSC Camp travel Safety tips and why it is important for PCMs to strictly observe such. If you would like to learn important tips to enjoy your stay in the camp you can refer to the linked article here.

  • Make adequate preparation before embarking on the journey. If you fail to plan, they say you plan to fail, therefore, to have a safe trip to the orientation camp, you should have good travel plans such as ensuring that all important documents are arranged and packed, the necessary Provisions needed are ready too. Observing all this will reduce the risk of traveling frequently on the road in case you forget any of the documents needed at orientation camp.
  • Have enough sleep before traveling so that you will be alert and strong throughout the journey.
  • It is recommended not to take a lot of alcohol when traveling because it might dull your senses. You need to be vigilant while traveling to a new place especially.
  • Put-on an appropriate wear, don’t wear loose a dress or dress extremely. You need to be smart both in your appearance as a Corps member.

  • Don’t fall a victim to pickpockets by putting valuable in your back pocket. It is their center of attraction. It is best if you put items such as phones and wallets in the front pocket.
  • Ensure to mind your belongings in the vehicle. Let them be in a place you can watch over it especially if the luggage contains your important documents.
  • Reduce the load by removing irrelevant items. You don’t need to over burden yourself with non-essential loads.
  • So many PCMs have fallen victims to kidnappers, ritualists and thieves by boarding vehicles by the roadside on the idea of reducing cost and time. Always board vehicles only from registered transport companies or recognized parks.
  • Arrange your trip such that you will reach your destination on or before 6pm. You can break the journey not to reach before night. It saves a lot from robbers and the likes.
  • Don’t be loud while making calls it might give vital information to unknown attackers, be courteous and don’t rely easily on people.
  • Keep your family members and trusted friends in contact during the trip.

We hope you have enjoyed reading these NYSC Camp travel Safety tips. Safe journey to you as you will proceed to your respective Camps in obedience to the Clarion Call to serve the Fatherland and don’t forget to share this articles with friends.

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