Nysc; Fire Alarm Night On Camp

Fire Alarm Night On Camp

Trust me, this night is just as terrifying as it’s sounds. it’s a night of commotion, fear, fidgeting and sleeplessness on Nysc camp.

 Nevertheless, its also a night to look forward to; it’s usually an event full of fun.

It was around 2a.m in the middle of the night of our 19th day on camp, after every corp members have retired to their individual hostels, tired and worn out as a result of a busy day we had.
As usual, the light had went off around 12a.m, giving a check on all to suspend every activities and gists to go to bed. Everywhere was silent and nothing was moving in the dark hall given to us to rest our heads.

I was just about enjoying my sleep when suddenly, an unpleasant tune broke into the air; the soldiers are at it again.
They started blowing the bugle to wake every soul still sleeping. And you know what, no resonable man can sleep while that bugle is blowing.

Though we are used to the sound of the bugle (it is the daily tune from it that wakes us every morning, calls us for food, tells us when it’s time for sleep, parade, and lectures), but this time, its coming with an entirely different tune, and unpleasant one for that matter.

It was at this point that it dawn on me that we are in the middle of something more serious; ‘The Camp Fire Night’.

Everywhere busted into commotion. No corper has any clue to the reason why we were been woken up at such strange time, neither were any soldier available to give us one.
We heard the soldiers shouting at the top of their voices: “Move out…… move out….. if you are still sleeping, you are wrong!”.

We all ran to the parade ground in confusion and great fear.- many fell down and stood up by themselves again, because they must not be found left behind.

What a night for innocent corp members like us.

On getting to the camp ground, without giving any reason for the unusual and urgent call in the middle of the night, the camp commandant instructed everyone of us to return back to our hostels in just two minutes and bring on our heads:

  1. Our sleeping mattress
  2. One of the pairs of our jungle boots
  3. One of the pairs of our white tennis
  4. Our tooth brush
  5. Our NYSC caps  

How on earth can anyone think this is possible in just two minutes? But we don’t have choice than to obey the last order. As our task masters (the soldiers) will say “being a civilian is a great sin”.

We all went inside as instructed, to fetch those materials. many sustained heavy injury in the process and the late comers were seriously dealt with.

On the parade ground, with our materials on our heads, the Camp commandant  instructed us to wear each pairs of those shoes on each of our legs and raise up the other one (don’t forget we still have our mattress on our heads).

“See corpers as den dey suffer”

After 5 minutes of this “punishment”, he now disclose the purpose of the sudden fire alarm. He said the exercise is for us to be fully prepared at all times for any emergency that may confront us in our service year and beyond.

What a lesson to learn in such a hard way!

Every prospective corp members should also be expecting that day too. My advice to you is that: do not over-sleep or hide your things too far from quick reach, especially on the 18th-20th day on camp. Because the bugle will also sound, the comosion will occur and the soldiers will order in a Shout.
Be always prepared and not be caught unawares.

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