NYSC Registration Procedures for PCMs in the Camp

NYSC Camp Registration Procedures

With this article you will be clarified on the step-to-step NYSC camp registration procedures carried out in the Orientation camp. This is because adequate information about registration in the Camp and how you can get started is required for PCMs before going to the orientation camp.

This camp registration procedures is different from the NYSC Registration/Mobilzation Procedures discussed here.


At the camp checkpoint

you would be asked to present the call-up letter and your luggage will be checked by the security. Afterward, a tag with number will be given to you.

While arranging your stuffs at home before going to the camp don’t add the following to the luggage;

Don’t go with Car, Motorcycle or Bicycle.

Don’t go with foodstuffs other than Provisions and Garri.

Don’t go with Cutleries.

Don’t go with Cooking equipment’s.



Once the activities carried out at the checkpoint have been completed, you will be directed to move to the allocated bed space in a hostel. At the end make sure you write your name and submit the tag given to you by the security at the gate. Then you’re good to go for the registration in the Camp.


The original copies and six photocopies of the following documents are required;

Call-up letter

Green card

Certificate of medical fitness

Statement of result

School ID


Biometric Verification

After the presentation of the documents mentioned above, the verification of thumbprints will be the next step in registration. This enables you to get the Platoon you belong. At the end of the registration, Corpers are given the following-

Camp Corps temporary ID, Camp Corps Registration slip, Certificate format, Performance report, Bio-data form.


Platoon; During NYSC Orientation Camp, Corpers are splited into groups called Platoon. It is indicated in the State Code. The last digit in your State Code (not call-up number) is your Platoon. It ranges from 0-9. All Platoon members will be directed to gather at different locations.


Bank Account: All registered corps member in the Camp must open a new bank account as directed by NYSC management.

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