Nysc; The Dreaded Man’O war Drill

Nysc man'o war drill on camp

   I know, when you heard you will be going to NYSC camp, the first thing that likely came to your memory was those pictures you have once seen with people; where they appeari n Nysc uniform, doing one “soldier stunt” or the other…. 

That is the “Nysc man’O war drill on camp“.

 The drill is one of d activities to enjoy on camp.

During this drill, you will be taken through series of man’O war drills and exercises. Ranging from jumping the fence, climbing ropes, crawling under barb wires, to even fighting karate

Nysc man'o war drill on camp

Just as the officials have rightly said. The Nysc Man ‘O war exercises are to prepare corpers for the unprecedented circumstances ahead of them in life. 

The variety of activities making up the  drill shows that life is embedded with different challenges. And of course, the challenges are not going to be faced with the same method. So try and get the lesson the drill is passing across.

Another thing about the drill is that, it can help check weight, especially for the weighty ones. 
So practically, Nysc is providing you with the “number-1” weight checking scheme happening just in 3 weeks ….# Lol 

The Dreaded Man-O-war Drill

Truly, some of the Nysc Man ‘O war activities can be dangerous. But yet they are fun-full. 
What u need to do is: 

  • Enjoy them
  • Get the purpose of the drill
  • take caution
  • Follow instructions as given by the official in charge of each drill. 
  • TAKE PICTURES: you  may not have the 2nd chance of being on camp. 

And in most cases, the pictures will be the one to speak of your ever being on camp. 

Do enjoy your camping; Nysc tales got your back!

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