NYSC – Why PCMs Want to Serve in Lagos

Reasons PCMs Pray to Serve in Lagos

In this article, you will see reasons why every prospective corps member want to serve in Lagos State if given the opportunity to decide the state to serve.

Top Reasons Prospective Corps members (PCMs) Pray to Serve in Lagos State 

  • Job Opportunities 

During service year, vibrant Corpers will start to look out for job opportunities using the advantage of being a Coper. Lagos State in one of the top state in the country that have high availability of jobs due to most Industries, Firms and Companies are situated there.

  • Money 

A lot of people believed that there is money in Lagos State and they can benefit as a Coper serving in Lagos, this is true. The Lagos State government pay her serving Corper monthly and most Places of Primary Assignment in Lagos State capital give monthly allowance to their Corpers.

  • Catching Cruise

Everyone in Nigeria is very aware that Lagos State is  home for entertainment. There you will get the biggest Cinema stations, Clubs, Hotels and event centers. Most PCMs want to serve in the state to catch Cruise from the shows performing live in Lagos.


  • The Citizens Mindset 

From the NollyWood movies, we the Citizens of Nigeria have come to see and believe that once you’re in Lagos,you will make it in life. Most movies portrays a poor young boy who will make it in life soon after he leaves the village to reside in Lagos State capital. With this people have have the idea that Lagos is a place everyone can make it in life and PCMs fight tooth and nail to Serve in Lagos.

  • CV Boosters and Professional courses 

Having a regular curriculum vitae (CV) is not enough to secure a quality job in Nigeria, it is of importance to have one or more professional courses that will help boost the CV. Lagos State have a lot of available options where you can apply for professional courses making your CV to standout among other job applicants.

More to this, serving in Lagos can give you some hedge and preferential treatment among others. Just the name of the organization you have worked with in Lagos can qualify you to get the job.

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