Passing Out From NYSC Camp

Passing out of Nysc camp

Passing out from Nysc camp is always a mix feeling because it’s full of joy of freedom (freedom from the highly regimented life on camp), and the sorrow of missing your loved friends and fun on camp. But definitely, there is urgent need for you to move on.

At the completion of the 21 days orientation course, you will be posted out from the camp to different
locations (your PPA) within the state to serve your father land for the next one year. So shake and hug your friends well; you may never see them again.

On the passing out day, all corp members are expected to be on the parade ground as early as 9a.m waiting for the Governor of the state or any of his representatives to perform their parade right for the Governor.
Parade is being done in the presence of His Excellency, the Governor. The Governor will give his words of advice to the corpers and welcome them officially to the state proper. It’s also the time to award some outstanding corp members and everyone of them will all be officially released to serve the state.

Immediately after the parade, you are expected to go into your hostels and bring out your bags and luggage which must have been arranged properly before the parade. Then you now wait to collect your Posting Letter.

Posting letter is the letter that will be issued to you as you are about to leave camp. It will bear your name, some other information about you and also your PPA (Place of Primary Assignment—-Where you have been posted to serve).

Nysc posting Letter

Immediately you received this, don’t bother yourself about the school or organization found on it yet. Just go straight to check the Local Government written on it.

After knowing the Local Government (LGA), go and locate where the bus that is conveying corp members to that LGA is located and quickly secure a sit for yourself there. Because on the day of passing out, there will be lots of buses on ground to take corp members to their respective Local governments. They are free buses provided by the state government and can sometimes may not be enough for all the corp members. That’s why it’s very important for you to try as much as possible to get a sit for yourself first before any other thing.
After being sure of a place in the bus, you can now go about looking for your friends to know where they too are being posted and bid them farewell.
But make sure that is after you must have secured a sit in the bus.


The bus will take you to the LGA (free of charge) and you guys will be lodge in the LGA Corpers Lodge for some days. Ranging from 2 days to 3 weeks, depending on the type of local government you find yourself.
Some LGA lodges will allow you to stay as long as possible till you locate your PPA and made appropriate arrangement to move to your PPA.

Feeding in the LGA lodge is free. At least for the first two days.
That’s all that will happen on your passing out. After that is your next move to getting your PPA acceptance letter.

You can get a full detail of that here>>>> “Read this before you accept your PPA

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