Questions & Answers for the 2022–2023 JAMB CRK(CBT)

Questions & Answers for the 2022–2023 JAMB CRK(CBT)
Questions and Answers about Christian Religious Knowledge from the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board Questions about the JAMB CRK, questions about the JAMB CRK in 2022, and answers to the JAMB CRK questions. I will provide you with free access to likely JAMB Questions and Answers on CRK, as well as JAMB randomly repeated questions.Accounting JAMB Exam 2022/2023 Questions and Answers (CBT)
Additionally, you will learn everything you need to know about the JAMB CBT exam as well as how the JAMB CRK questions are set.
Questions and Answers for JAMB C.R.K/C.RS (Expo) JAMB CRK Answers 2022 Loading…
Here are the questions and answers for the Christian Religious Knowledge (C.R.K.) test for 2022. You’ll see that JAMB C.R.K. repeated earlier questions here. Take your time and read them. Utilize them to get ready for JAMB and mock exams.
1. The ban against eating the forbidden fruit stresses God’s
A. power in the creation of man
B. Lordship and man’s obedience
C. foreknowledge and man’s fall
D. authority to rule over man
ANSWER: C ( foreknowledge and man’s fall )
2. The king who promised to provide king Solomon cedar and cypress timber for the building of the name of the Lord, God of David was
A. Hiram
B. Hiddai
C. Hiel
D. Hirah
ANSWER: A (Hiram)
3. The high priest who discovered the book of the law during the reign of King Josiah was
A. Hezekiah
B.  Helpher
C. Hilkiah
D. Heldai
ANSWER: C (Hilkiah)
4. When Zerubbabel and Joshua the son of Jozadak began to rebuild the house of God which was in Jerusalem they were aided by ________________________
A. Haggai and Zachariah
B. Mithredath and Tobael
C. The prophets of God in Jerusalem
D. The priest of God in Jerusalem
ANSWER: C (The prophets of God in Jerusalem)
5. What does the word “Cup” signify in the book of Matthew? It means
A. Water container for drinking
B. cup of blessing from God
C. metaphor referring to suffering
D. metaphor referring to crucifixion
ANSWER: C (metaphor referring to suffering)
6. The disciples were called Christian for the first time in
A. Samaria
B. Ephesus
C. Antioch
D. Caesarea
ANSWER: C (Antioch)
7. The law books used for the great reformation of Israel’s social and religious institution were discovered in the temple in 621 BC during the reign of
A. Hezekiah
B. Josiah
C. Moses
D. Ahab
ANSWER: B (Josia)
8. The baptism of Jesus Christ in the River Jordan was done by who?
A. Mathew
B. John
C. Jeremiah
D. Mary Magdalene
ANSWER: B (John)
9. David took Jerusalem from
A. The Jebusites
B. The Philistines
C. The Ammonites
D. Edomites
ANSWER: (The Jebusites)
10. Where did the Lord appear to Solomon in a dream?
A. Horeb
C. Gath
D. Jericho
ANSWER: B (Gibeon)
11. The division of David’s kingdom was a direct consequence of
A. Absalom’s revolt
B. Jeroboam’s revolt
C. Solomon’s forced labour
D. Rehoboam’s unwise decision
ANSWER: D (Rehoboam’s unwise decision)
12. Amos told the Israelites that they have turned justice into
A. injustices
B. poison
C. wormwood
D. anguish
ANSWER: C (wormwood)
13. How did God convince Jeremiah of his divine call
A. he anointed him with oil
B. he spoke to him directly from heaven
C. he sent a prophet to inform him
D. he touched his mouth
ANSWER: D (he touched his mouth)
14. The vision of the dry bones of Ezekiel portrays
A. famine
B. hope
C. punishment
D. judgement
ANSWER: B (hope).
15. When the man with a filthy spirit in the region of the Gerasenes saw Jesus, he
A. acknowledged him as the son of the most high God
B. pleaded to be cast into the abyss
C. requested to follow him as a disciple.
D. pleaded that a miracle be performed to cleanse him
ANSWER: A (acknowledged him as the son of the most high God)
16. The man appointed by the Holy Ghost to go on the missionary journey with Saul was
A. Lucius
B. Barnabas
C. Peter
D. Mark
ANSWER: B (Barnabas)
17. Peter became afraid as he walked on the sea because
A. he saw a ghost
B. he doubled Jesus
C. of the wind
D. it was dark and cloudly
ANSWER: A (he saw a ghost)
18. What did the blind man by the roadside near Jericho do on regaining his sight?
A. he jumped for joy and went away
B. he thanked Jesus for healing him
C. He followed Jesus, glorifying God
D. he gave praise to God for making him whole
ANSWER: D ( he gave praise to God for making him whole)
19. The order of the crucifixion events according to Luke’s Gospel is
A. crucifixion, lots casting for His dress, scoffing and mockery
B. mockery, lots casting for His dress, scoffing and crucifixion
C. lots casting for His dress, mockery scoffing and crucifixion
D. crucifixion, scoffing, mockery and lots casting for His dress
ANSWER: A (crucifixion, lots casting for His dress, scoffing and mockery)
20. The angel told Zachariah that John the Baptist would drink no wine nor strong drink because he would
A be the forerunner of Jesus
B. only eat locusts and wild honey
C. be filled with the Holy Spirit
D. baptize sinners who would come to him
ANSWER: D (baptize sinners who would come to him)
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21. Who found baby Moses?
A. Isaac
B. Joseph
C. Jacob
D. Lot
22. The first king of Israel was?
A. Ahab
B. Samuel
C. Saul
D. David
23. James and John were known as the sons of which of the following?
A. the Master
B. Lightening
C. Thunder
D. Hope
24. Joseph had _____ brothers?
A. Twelve
B. Eleven
C. Nine
D. Seven
25. Who was King David married to?
A. Mary Magdeline
B. Esther
C. Rebekah
D. Bathsheba
26. The father of Abraham was——-
A. Lot
B. Terah
C. Jesse
D. Isaac
27. Who wrote the Tora (first five books of the Bible)
A. Abraham
B. Noah
C. Joseph
D. Moses
28. Which book of the Bible never mentions God?
A. Malachi
B. Job
D. Amos
29. What did Daniel and his friends neglet doing?
A. Fight in the king’s army
B. Eat the king’s food
C. wear the king’s robe
D. Interpret the king’s dream
30. God used ravens to feed which prophet?
A. Isaiah
B. Malachi
C. Elijah
D. Daniel
31. Of the ten leppers Jesus healed, how many said “thank you”?
A. one
B. Ten
C. Five
D. Three
32. Through which of the following did God speak to Job?
A. A donkey
B. A whirlwind
C. A burning bush
D. A scroll in the temple
33. What did Jesus proclaim as the greatest commandment?
A. Love the Lord as your god
B. Love your neighbour
C. keep the sabbath
D. Love your child
34. Where did Jesus meet the Samaritan woman?
A. In Canaan
B. Beside the fig tree
C. The mount of Olives
D. Jacob’s well
35. When Jesus got angry in the Temple, what did he do?
A. To talk to the priests
B. To talk with his disciples
C. To make a whip
D. To pray
36. Which of Jesus’ disciples is not mentioned in any Gospel?
A. Thomas
B. Philip
C. Bartholomew
D. James
37. The consequence of Hiel’s building of Jericho was that he
A. was killed by Ahab
B. was made a commander in Ahab’s army
C. was highly respected by his tribe
D. lost two of his sons
38.  According to Hosea, one of the repacaution for the sins of Isreal was that
A. they would not receive divine revelation
B. they would eat but would not be satisfied
C. the LORD would send famine upon the land
D. their women would become barren.
39. Daniel was set up to be thrown to the lions by the
A. counselors of Nebuchadnezzar
B. adviser of king Xerxes
C. presidents and satraps of Persia
D. Lords and nobles of Medes
40. How many wings does a Seraphim have?
A. Ten
B. two
C. Six
D. Twelve
The JAMB Christian Religious Knowledge/Studies questions and answers above will help you get ready for the JAMB CRS questions in 2020.
How to Perform Well in the JAMB CRK Exam
You must take the following actions in order to perform well in the JAMB Christian Religious Knowledge exam:
Take a look at your JAMB CRK sample questions and answers.
Study the Bible.
Study with the JAMB-recommended CRK textbook.
Your study guide should be the JAMB CRK syllabus.

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