Quick Tips For Pregnant And Nursing Mothers In NYSC Camp

As a pregnant woman or nursing mother going for the NYSC orientation course, you need to know this.
Camp is full of rigorous activities and inconveniences which may not be too good for your present condition. Therefore, camp officials would not allow you to stay on camp to participate in the orientation course. Instead, you will be asked to return home immediately after your registration; which cannot not last more than the first two days on camp.
This policy is set in place by Nysc to avoid any complication that may arise due to your present condition, and also due to inadequate health facilities usually present on camp.

The camp clinic is just there to attend to minor health issues like fever, headache, stooling e.t.c.  It is not equipped to attend to any serious issues that may arise from pregnant woman and nursing mothers.
As a result, you are going to be asked to go home and return on the passing out day for your posting letter (that is after 3 weeks).
But for some, who are not too heavy, and wants to stay to also enjoy and be part of the activities on camp may still be allowed to stay and enjoy their rights.
They can go to the camp clinic to obtain exemption letter that will permit them to be excluded from some activities like the stressful queuing up and the parade.
I could remember during our time, one of the pregnant women even contested for the BBB (Big Bold and Beautiful) inter-platoon contest and almost won. 
In the Lagos July 013, orientation course, some nursing mothers with their babies strapped to their backs, joined their colleagues to welcome the minister in a parade.

Nevertheless, your staying on camp as a pregnant woman is really “On your own”.
So I will advise you to go home, relax and prepare to receive your posting letter on the passing out day.

Feel free to ask me any question……. Thanks.

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