This is a warning to all new corp members who want to have peace of mind for the next one year of their service. In order not to be used like slaves and cleaning rags by anybody, all in the name of serving father land, you better read this.

This is what I have observed among new corpers: they are always too anxious to get to their PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) and get accepted so they could return home quickly. 
Perhaps to show their new Kaki to their parents.
Nevertheless, you are not alone in that, I felt the same urge too.
 But please, before you accept that PPA you are being posted to, make sure all these factors are to your advantage:

      1. Don’t be Anxious
Don’t be too anxious to get or accept any PPA. There is always enough time. 
Believe me, the waiting is worth it. Don’t be like many corp members, who in the name of wanting a PPA quickly, accepted Pry schools and ended up being treated like Nannies, baby-sitting and cleaning the mess of kindergarten pupils. Wait.

2.   Good Accommodation
Take note of my words. I said “good” and not just any accommodation. 
If your prospective PPA could not provide a comfortable accommodation for you, you better don’t take their acceptance.
I mean ‘comfortable’ in the sense of providing:

  • good room
  • A  mattress
  • A chair and table
  • They are to pay the electricity bills. Not you
  • See how easy it is to get water
  • Good toilet and bath
  •  Security

So don’t go expecting them to give you car or fully furnished building as some prospective corpers do think. This one is service and not your father’s house, corper!

3.   Your Free Day Must Be Allowed
You have privilege to a day of every week, in which you are not expected to be at your PPA at all (usually your CDS day). Your PPA must be ready to give you this day fully. Not expected to work for few hours on the same day.

It’s a work-free day for you.

4.   Local Allowance

That’s the allowance (money) the PPA will pay you at the end of every month. This should not be less than #5000, but can be more.
Let them know you don’t like to be owed also because many employers are fond of that.

5.   Work Load

Don’t let them overwork you. You are not expected to teach more than two subjects if you are in a school. Any additional subject should be on the agreement of allowance raise.

6.  Gather Information

Gather information from the existing corpers and workers in the organization to know how the management has being dealing with their workers. By this, you will be able to tell if they will be able to keep their promises to you or not.
  • Don’t let them tell you that when you come back, you will see or get the accommodation provided for you.

“NO”. See it and be satisfied with it before you accept them.
  • They will issue you an acceptance latter after all agreement. And you will take the letter to your ZI. See a sample of acceptance letter below; 
Sample of Nysc acceptance Letter
Sample of Nysc acceptance Letter

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