See the First 5 Things you Must Do As you Enter NYSC Camp

As a prospective corps member just arriving camp, this is the first 5 things you will encounter.

Please, make sure you arrive camp as early as possible. You can even arrive camp a day before the official Opening date of the orientation camp. The soldiers will allow you into the premises.
Arriving camp early enough can save you from unnecessary stress you may likely encounter due to haste.

As you are entering the gate of the camp, the first camp experience is the screening exercise at the gate. This is done by the soldiers. Here, your bags will be searched for any prohibited materials.

Nysc camp

Materials like knife, metal fork, stainless cup, bottles and tin beverages are not allowed on camp. So if you have any tin ‘Born-vita’ or ‘Peak’ milk, they will be seized for the soldiers’ use.
That is your ‘cheerful’ donation to NYSC camp I think….LOL

After passing the screening at the gate, you will be issued a small TAG that will permit you to go and secure a hostel/bed space.

Nysc camp hostels

If your hostel is the type that has bunks. I will advise you to take the “down bed” in order for you to have a space under your bed to keep your bag and other items.

This is when you have already gotten a bed space. Here you will commence your registration proper and be requested of some of your documents, which am sure you know by now. If not check here to know some of the documents that will be required of you.
At the completion of the registration, you will be issued a Number TAG. The tag will serve as your identity card on camp; it is to be carried everywhere you may want to go.

That’s their Number tag around their necks 

Nysc; Fire Alarm Night On Camp

Leaving the Reg stand, you will be directed straight to your Platoon officer.
The platoon you will fall into will be determined by the last number on your tag. For instance, if your tag no is 91, then, you have automatically fallen into Platoon 1, and if its 85, you will belong to platoon 5.

Nysc Orientation camp kit

Your platoon officer will be the one to give you your Kit. Check it and make sure its 9 altogether:

  • Kakki (shirt and trousers)
  • Cap
  • Crested vest (the shirt bearing NYSC logo)
  • 2 white shorts
  • 2 white tops
  • Jungle boot
  • 1 pair of white Tennis
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • 1 Bet

See What You Should Expect On Your Passing Out Day

The last stage of your registration is the collection of your meal ticket:  this is the ticket that permits you to eat at the camp’s kitchen.
You lost your ticket; then you should forget about Nysc food and prepare your pocket for maami food.


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