See What You Should Expect On Your Passing Out Day

Nysc passing out parade (POP)

There are lots of worries and questions always swimming the mind of outgoing corp members, especially when it’s like a month to the POP ceremony.

Some among the many questions include: “What is the POP going to be like; where will it be taking place; what are the things to bring along” and many more.
But trust me, these are no longer going to be any problem by the time you will be through with reading this article. Nysc tales will always lead you by hand from start to finish as she have promised.

The Passing Out ceremony is a very important activity to any serving corp member as much as it is to Nysc body as a whole.
It is the last arm of the scheme; i hope you don’t forget the 4 major arm of Nysc: Orientation course; PPA; CDS and POP. You can check here in case you have forgotten.

It’s a very important activity in your life as a corp member and also a day to look forward to. Any corp member that failed to participate in this event have just wasted his/her time serving for a whole year.

So, these are what you are eexpected to get in place before the day comes:

How should i appear for it?

Just as the name implies, it’s supposed to be a  parade just like your welcoming parade after your 3-weeks orientation program on camp. All passing out corp members are expected to appear in their full Nysc kit (7 over 7 Kaki) and ready for a parade in the presence of the state governor or his representative. But it’s unfortunate it’s not usually like that any longer in many states; they don’t do any parade.
But nevertheless, you must appear in your overall full kaki kit.

Who are the people to expect?

POP day is usually on a thursday. Though it do fall on a CDS day, no CDS meeting will ever hold on the day. You are not going to see the state governor if there will not be any parade in the case of your own state.

But all out-going corp member of a particular zone will all meet at their respective zonal haedquarters for the ceremony. At the headquarter, the Nysc officials will be there waiting to give out the certificates. (The main koko why you came for service in the first place).

What will i be needing?

For you to collect your certificat, you will have to provide the following;
  • Your Nysc I.D card: This is very important. This I.D card will determine if you are going to collect your certificate on that day or not. If you have misplaced yours, you should better get it before the passing out day. Or better still, you can go and collect an affidavit from the nearest customary court before that day to address that kind of case.

  • Final clearance; You will also need the final clearance letter issued to you in your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). Mind you, it’s the original copy that will be requested. If you don’t have the original copy, they won’t issue your certificate to you. They will want to see the original stanp ink on the clearance to confirm its authentic and original.

  • The attestation clearance given to you in your Nysc local government secretariat before that day will also be requested.

    How will everything go?

    After having addressed you, advise and congratulate you, the officials will be calling the corp members one after the other in each local government. Don’t forget you will be having more than one local government converging to receive their own certificates.

    When it’s your turn at the table, you will be asked to submit all those requirements as stated above and ask you to sign against your name. then, your certificate will be given to you.
    That is all.
    You are just being dismissed and relieved from serving your father’s land and it’s time to travel back to your home, that’s if you don’t already have an establishment or job that could make you stay behind.

    I have once highlighted some of the things you could do to establish yourself while you serve on earlier posts on this blog. check them here.
    “No one can tell, a new partner may also make you stay behind sha…..* winks*”

    Things you must do before you leave the officials’ table

    1. Your certificate: It may sound funny. But i must never forget to tell you, in case you are the over-anxious type. You must remember to collect your certificate after having signed against your name. Because after signing, it shows that you have collected your certificate. If you come back latter asking for it, no one will respond to you.
    2. Check the name on the Certificate: You must ensure you check the names written on the certificate issued to you. If it’s not your name, you should quickly call their attention to it so they could change it to yours. 
    3. sometimes, for one reason or the other, some names on the Certificate may be mispelt. In that case when you notice one error or the other on your certificate, quickly and politely let them know about it so they could correct it. Do not say it doesn’t matter. Am telling you, it does matter. It is better you correct it there when you can still do rather than wait for latter times.
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