Sylvia Aselemi is the Corper of the Month – May 2016

It’s the month of May and a month of Grace.
We use this opportunity to send a shout-out to all prospective 2016, Batch A corp members presently on camp. Hope you guys are enjoying the strange and highly regimented life on camp? I bet you are!

The “Corper of the month” for May, 2016 is Aselemi Sylvia Moseph; a corper currently serving her father land in Delta state.

Miss Aselemi Sylvia was born some years back in Rivers state; Otari in Abua, Odual Local Government. She had her secondary education in Philips Academy.
During her secondary school days, she used to be a very neat girl and received lots of commendations from the authority for that. But another thing to know about Sylvia during these times is that, even as nerdy as Sylvia was then, she can also be very stubborn sometimes. This was because she had lots of school mothers then who will always stand up for her, should anybody wants to harass her.

She obtained her first degree from the Rivers state University of Technology in 2014, and moved to the next junction in the journey of her life. And that was NYSC.

Let’s hear the rest of the story from her:

My NYSC tales was a very interesting one. It was an experience with disappointment and fulfillment mixed.”

“it all started when I got my call up letter to serve in Delta state. I was very happy because it was as if they read my mind. I have being dying to serve in Delta state. I love the stories people tell about corpers serving there; the standard of living; the culture. Virtually everything about the state in view interests me.”

“My first day on camp was the worst experience I have had for a long time. The soldiers there at Delta camp didn’t make things easy for us at all when signing us in into the camp premise.
I had to engage in a terrible struggle, stood under the sun for hours dragging my box on one hand with my side pack and my bucket on the other hand. It eventually reached my turn to be signed into the camp and I entered the NYSC Orientation camp for the very 1st time.”

…. at the camp gate…

“ I got my bed space, my platoon number, my kits and I headed off to change to white-on-white, and behold, I was called a white fowl for the first time in my life. Initially annoying but afterward, cool.”

…. the white fowl…

“After parade that day, I set off to make new friends (it’s my nature; I can’t hide it)”
“Waking up to that bugle call (gosh… I hated every morning because of it) was something that pricks my mind every time while on camp.”

 …friends crew…

“Queuing up for food at the camp kitchen was so much fun for me… I always go with my camp bestie and always looking for trouble together should anyone want to overtake us on the queue (Lol… just for the fun of it o)”

…bestie and i queuing up for food…

“Mammy market got the most of my money at night. Though not really for the food or drinks, but for Table tennis. I couldn’t miss that for anything.
I love sporting activities so much and I was among the Volley ball team for my platoon on camp. Even one of the best players.”

…Platoon 3 female volley ball team…

I always enjoy those morning walk when everything is cold to the bone by the wind of the hammatan. I also loved the Man O’war drills and the camp carnival on Delta camp was awesome.”

“The day we were leaving camp to our PPA, my heart was filled with so much expectations, high hopes, fear and trauma… Lol. That was because even as dearly as I wanted to serve in Delta state, serving in her rural is not going to be an option for me to like. But finally, the posting came and I was posted to Illah Grammar School at Oshimili South LGA.
I quickly finished my clearance in the first 3days after leaving camp and headed home straight to see my beloved family again.

“My hobbies: I love Reading, traveling and Swimming. Trust me, when I got home after camp, I can’t but just to go on a full scale Swimming exercise…. I had missed it.

I love it when girls take good care of their hairs and since I couldn’t get a good hair dressing saloon around my PPA, I decided to go on low-cut for the mean time.

…i decided to go on low-cut…

And finally to my fans out there, I will always say; “Love what you do and do what you love. Success will surely smile at you cus of that”.

..Girls and selfies; my friends always join anytime i want a selfie..

…i love make-ups; can’t do without them…

You want to find me? Basically am on facebook almost 24/7 @ Sylvia Aselemi
Instagram @ Sylvia aselemi

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