Top Things Graduates Must Know Before The Next NYSC Batch

With the 2019 NYSC registration fast approaching, most graduates are worried about one thing or the other. Well, set your mind at rest because there’s just no big deal about the programme. It will be over before you know it and the whole process is quite simple if you know just what to expect at each point.
So, here are some top things graduates must know before the next NYSC batch commences:
1. NYSC Mobilization: The first thing that comes up before anything is the NYSC Mobilization. This is when the NYSC management will mobilize all qualified graduates from every accredited institution in the country. The mobilization always come as breaking news by the NYSC officials who will then release a timetable that will show the schedule of what will happen from uploads of Senate list till registration date and other necessary dates.
2. The Senate List: The Senate list is an official list of names and details of graduates who are eligible for NYSC from every institution in the country. The NYSC management always announces a month for various institutions to upload the names of their candidates who are qualified. After the upload of the list, prospective Corps members can then check their names. Once your name is on that list, you are good to go ahead with the NYSC registration when it begins.
3. NYSC Registration: This is the most satisfying moments in NYSC because you have seen your name on the Senate list and it is now time to register by filling up your details into the NYSC database. The registration date is always in the NYSC Timetable and it will only last for a couple of weeks. You will need a gmail address (way better), an active phone number, a passport size photograph, a password, and other necessary personal details and khaki specifications. Also be ready for biometric verification and ensure no one thumbprints for you to avoid issues.
4. N3,000 Payment: During the NYSC registration, you will need to pay N3,000 for you to be able to print the NYSC Call-up letter from your dashboard when it comes out. This is optional though but it is better you pay when registering. There are two options as regarding printing your Call-up letter. You can either pay N3,000 and print it on your dashboard or don’t pay and go to your institution to collect it. Thing is, your school may not offer this option or they may still end up charging you if they do.
 5. NYSC Call-up letter: After NYSC Registration, the next thing is the call-up letter. This is simply a letter that will show you your state of deployment and other important things you should know. If you have paid the N3,000, you will be able to print your call-up letter on your dashboard. Once the date slated for the release of the call-up letter arrives, simply login to your dashboard and print it and photocopy some more extra.
 6. Orientation Camp: The orientation camp can be one of your best moments of NYSC where you will be with thousands of prospective Corps members for a period of 3 weeks. There are lots of activities that you will like and may make you already miss the camp towards the end. 

Orientation camp is really fun and a very memorable time most people will never forget. Within these 3 weeks, a lot of people would make good friends, cool connections, find love, learn amazing things and even make impact. Make good use of it while you can, because after the 3 weeks a lot of people would have missed good opportunities that may have changed their lives.
7. Skill Acquisitions and Entrepreneurship Development(SAED): SAED is another amazing thing about the orientation camp. This can also be regarded as the most boring moments in NYSC Camp because of the long lectures you will receive before going to your different field to acquire skills. Most people who pay attention to SAED are always thankful they did. You find an (extra) area of interest, you then shoot for it by attending the classes. A lot of people who took it serious never regretted it. If you look around and pick a skill that you are sure would sell very well, you’ll learn it at a very cheap price and when you go out you can make money from it and further your training if you wish. A lot of people have become employers of labour because of a skill they took interest in and learnt. While others regretted not learning during the programme as the charge to learn after NYSC is usually very high.
8. Place Of Primary Assignment (PPA): On the last day in camp, you will collect a letter that will specify the particular place where you will do your service for the next 11 months. The place of primary assignment might be a Ministry, a private firm, an organization, a school or even a religious office. But about 80% will serve in schools. If you don’t like your PPA, you can change it or find a new one. The company might even reject you based on some reasons best known to them. No matter what, you will still get a PPA. Most PPA will provide accommodation and a token at the end of the month while some will leave you to God.
9. NYSC Allowance/Alawee: The NYSC Allowance is still N19,800 in case you think there is already an increment. This amount will be coming in every month throughout your service year. You will collect the first one during orientation camp and the last one will be double. While in camp, you will open a new bank account and that is where the NYSC Alawee will be sent to. It always comes in about 2-3 days before the end of the month and sometimes, it may come later than that. If there is any unusual delay on just your part, see your Local Government Inspector (LGI) for help.
10. Community Development Service (CDS) Group: CDS is also another of the thing that makes the National Youth Service Corps programme unique. The NYSC officials will split every Corps members into different CDS Group and they will be meeting once in a week. CDS is very important as you cannot do your clearance if you did not participate in your CDS group. Your CDS Group will do a project and constantly be meeting to see how to do something worthy for the community. There are a lot of CDS groups and you can be placed in one based on your course of study, passion or even your choice. The main ones are ICT, environmental, servicom, and education. Others are dance and drama, sports, press and many others. 
11. Clearance/Payment Voucher (PV) Signing: The NYSC clearance/PV signing is an exercise that takes place at the beginning of every month. If you miss any, you may not collect your alawee for the month and that is automatically an extension. The date for the clearance is always different and it depends on your Local Government schedule. Your Corp Liaison Officer (CLO) will always relay the news about the date to you. You can miss many things in NYSC, but never miss a clearance. If there’s any reason why you should, let your LGI know on time so they can arrange another schedule for you.
 12. Passing Out Parade:
The last ceremony of NYSC Scheme is the passing out parade. Though this also happens when you are officially sworn in as a corps member on the 3rd or 4th day in camp. But this last one is the moment you will say goodbye to the NYSC allowance and your PPA and to move on with your life. The passing out parade is always on a low key whereby you will go to an assigned location and collect your NYSC certificate. It’s always a day to look out for as you’ll get an opportunity to meet all your old friends from camp and take lots of pictures to save the memory! This day can also benefit you by landing you some good connections. You’ll get to know some people who may have worked in some places you have eyes on and they may help you with some contacts so you can follow up and see if there’s hope. Just make good use of the opportunity as that is the last day you will wear your khaki and get to meet a lot of youths with a common goal in one place.
Now you know everything about NYSC from the start from to finish, do you still think it is one big obstacle you can’t jump? Let’s hear your comments or questions below.

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