Types Of Corpers You Will Meet At NYSC Orientation Camp

Now batch C corp members are in camp now and the whole thing is becoming interesting based on experiences we have seen. The Nysc orientation camp is super amazing if you know just how to balance everything. You’ll also get to meet a lot of people that would make your stay at the camp worth it.

The one thing with Nysc orientation camp is that you would definitely meet a particular group of people so you don’t have to see any of their actions as strange because it’s the usual. So here are some types of people you will meet in the Nysc orientation camp and how you can flow with them:

1. The Clowns: These are the extremely funny ones who always have something to say to get people’s ribs cracking. You will never see them been serious for once; all they do is find someone or something to make fun of. They never get tired of talking. Don’t bother confronting them for anything because you will end up as their topic and have so many persons laughing at you. But if you understand them and roll with them well, you will enjoy hearty moments in camp.

2. Error-Prone: These people are the real otondos that always get it all wrong on the parade ground. After been corrected severally, they still get confused. You see them turning to the right at the command of “left turn”. When others are “at Attention”, that’s when they have their hands behind for “at Ease”. Their hands will never rhyme with others during quick match and when they halt, their legs always bangs last. They are also the kind of people that still hangs their “head-dress” in the air even after the completion of the 3 hearty cheers. But ironically, some of them become very good and even end up participating in the swearing in parade or platoon competition. Just don’t laugh too much at them when they make these mistakes because they might be the ones to correct you during a march.

3. The Beggars: These people can beg to even borrow you. They may never possess anything of their own (some may have but just get delight in begging others) and indulge in the habit of borrowing almost everything from you and sometimes leaving you to beg before they return it. These set of persons may have lived in school hostels and are used to the hostel lifestyle or are just comfortable with the habit naturally, so they never bothered to come with basic needs with the assurance of getting it from others. The annoying thing is that it is when you just finished locking your box and set to go out that they will come and beg or sometimes when you are enjoying a quiet time or your food and someone will be like; “please I need your spoon and plate when you are done, I didn’t know we were to come with ours” or “can I get extra milk, the tea is too watery” or even “help me with your towel, I think I left mine at home”  and when they go out they will never have change and always asks for N20 to buy water! When you hear their requests sometimes you’ll just feel embarrassed on their behalf. But don’t mock them in their face or even talk behind them, politely decline if you don’t want to grant their request or show them how to use their different camp allowance to sort themselves out (actually some of them don’t know they need to buy some things even if they have the money).

4. Complainers: These are the people who complain about everything including things they can’t even help themselves. These ones will be the first to complain about how terrible the food is and yet they never miss a meal. Sometimes they will finish their food and look for who didn’t collect so they can use their ticket to get again or even look for who to discourage about the taste of the food so the other person can give it up. You will hear something like; “the food is so tasteless I wondered how I even finished it! But hunger is bad sha!” They actually know the time the trumpet sounds for any meal time and towards then these people will join the platoon that are always first to leave the parade ground so that they can get their plates washed quickly and get to the kitchen before any other person does. You see them sometimes forming a queue even before the food has been placed in coolers on the table. They exhaust their money in the mammy market immediately they get it and then start looking for who will give them their share. Be nice to them sha and give them your ticket of meal when you do not want it because when they are going to the mammy market you will likely be on their tag-along list.

5. Line jumpers:  
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These people can be so annoying to the marrow! You’ll be standing in the hot sun for hours to sign one thing like that and then you see them coming from nowhere and heading straight to join the long line at the front. It’s so deep in their blood that even where you have just 3 persons on a line they will still find a way to join at the front. Some do it politely by begging to join, some will see their friends and form gist and like play they are already in the queue and some will just be like “I was here, I just went to blow my nose”. Just tolerate them and let them in if you can because they will be sure to return the favor! Shey all of you will still sign sha!

6. Chykers : These are the no dulling guys and even girls who have take it as a duty to hunt for girls or guys while in camp. Check around and you’ll see that they have talked to a good number of the opposite sex population and know a lot of people and what they do, plus they have a good way with words and can talk themselves out of anything. For these kind of people, just maintain a good FRIENDSHIP level with them and you’ll be surprised that their help will come in handy someday!

7. Photo Freaks: The ladies are the majority in this category. They prefer spending all their money on photographs than feeding themselves especially as battery and charged phones are hard to come by. They never get satisfied with selfies no matter the amount of shots taken and they will now make everyone their personal photographers anywhere anytime. Even on parade ground they will look for someone to take their pictures when they are doing push-ups or even when they queuing up for food and they must always caption everything too! For this group, don’t complain when they give you phone to snap them because they will remember that everywhere they see you! Plus their phone cameras are always superb and you can also take some selfies of yourself with their phone after taking some shots for them.

8. Do-Nothing Crew: You begin to wonder if these people were forced to be in camp. They don’t participate in anything, be it the fun aspect and the boring parts. They hardly go for parade and lectures and always complain about the Nysc scheme being a waste of time. You will always find them lying in their bed in the room even after the soldiers has chased everyone out. They have their drugs and fake medical reports to cover up and you’ll now wonder why they even bothered to enter and remain in camp when they can always be excused. For this people, just be sure you don’t cross their line before they make you the reason why they even hate camp the more. Just be nice and try to gist them about any event you attend to get them interested.

9. The Old Youth: These ones don’t want to be left out of the fun in camp, so they leave their children and wives at home to take part in the orientation. They do every possible thing not to look old and still try to mingle with others quietly in order not to get too noticed. These people are always great when it comes to giving advice and helping people so have them around.

10. The Troublemakers: Need I say much about these people? They are trouble everywhere they go and you will be surprised if a day pass and they don’t get involved in any issue. Some of these people are also petty thieves so be on the lookout when they are around you. For these people, make sure you try to avoid their issues and back off once you notice their reactions are changing to something else!
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So, that’s like the most common ones, which one have you noticed? Let’s hear it in the box below.

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