WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay and Objectives)

WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions and Answers

WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions and Answers 2022. I will provide you with free access to WAEC Animal Husbandry objective and theoretical repeated questions. You’ll also learn how WAEC Animal Husbandry questions are constructed, as well as other examination specifics.

The West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) is a Nigerian examination board that holds exams in May/June and November/December for the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education, respectively.

WAEC Animal Husbandry Objectives and Essay Answers 2022(Expo)

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WAEC Computer Science Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay and Objectives)

Answers to Today’s Animal Husbandry Questions







(i)Make sure there’s a way for fresh air to get in.

(ii)At least twice daily, provide clean, fresh water for the birds.

(iii)Adjust the temperature according to the chicks’ needs.

(iv)Check the condition of the birds and their faces on a daily basis for any abnormalities.

(v)Place the brooder in a location where it will not be exposed to chilly wind or rain.


Deworming is the process of removing parasitic worms from a bird’s system by administering anthelmintic medications such as dewormer.

(ii)Culling is the process of identifying and removing birds that do not exhibit the characteristics necessary to provide sufficient benefit in exchange for their culture.

(iii)Debeaking is the partial removal of beak of poultry to avoid cannibalism.

(iv)Delousing is defined as the use of Physical or chemical means to get rid of lice.


(i)Drooped wings.

(ii)Feather loss (unless birds are going through a natural moult).

(iii)Abnormal droppings.

(iv)Dull and/or closed eyes


(i) It is a source of revenue.

(ii) It produces high-quality food items like meat, eggs, milk, and cheese.

(iii) It creates new job opportunities.

(iv) Through the export of animal products, it can assist a country in generating foreign exchange gains.


[Pick Any SIX] (i) Mouth

WAEC Animal Husbandry Practical Questions and Answers 2022/2023 ( Complete Solution)

(ii) Vestibule

(iii) Oesophagus

(iv) Stomach

(v) Small intestine

(vi) Caecum

(vii) Large intestine

(viii) Anus


[Pick Any TWO]

I It aids in the absorption of food, for example in the small intestine; (ii) It aids in the release of digestive enzymes.

(iii) As part of the alimentary canal, the stomach secretes gastric juice, which contains hydrochloric acid, which kills dangerous germs in the stomach.


[Choose any FOUR] I Bile production is aided by the liver; (ii) Bilirubin, cholesterol, and hormones are excreted by the liver.

(iii) Fat, protein, and carbohydrate metabolism

(iv) It aids in the activation of enzymes.

(vi) Glycogen, vitamin, and mineral storage

(vii) Plasma protein synthesis, such as albumin and clotting components

(viii) Detoxification and cleansing of the blood


(i) Liver fluke

(ii) Schistosoma


[Piick Any TWO]

I The goat has a four-compartment stomach, but rabbits have a monogastric digestive system. (ii) The goat has reticulum, whereas rabbits do not.

(iii) A goat’s rumen is present, whereas a rabbit’s is absent.


Scalding is the process of treating corpses with hot water or steam in order to loosen the hair or feather in the follicle and make it easier to remove them.

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Singeing: This is a major process in which the fur on the skin of the animals is removed, preparing the hide of the carcass for consumption and evoking flavors in the meat that the consumer will accept.


Evisceration is a type of autotomy in which internal organs are removed as a defense strategy by animals.


[Pick Any FOUR]

(i) Media/advertiser


(ii) Exporters

(iii) Wholesaler

(iv) Co-operative society

(v) Market boards

(vi) Retailers


[Pick Any Five] (i)Researching function


(ii)Promotion function

(iii)Production function

(iv)product development and management function

(v)Distribution function

(vi)Risk bearing function


(i) Dung stage

(ii) Pasture stage

(iii) Host stage


[pick any two] (i)Selection

WAEC Agric Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay and Objectives)




Brooding is defined as the management of chicks, which includes providing heat and other required care to chicks until they are about six weeks old, either naturally or artificially.


(i) Proper sanitation

(ii) Ensuring of adequate light

(iii) Adequate feeding

(iv) Medication and vaccination


(i) Blood loss which, if substantial, can lead to anaemia and death.

(ii) It causes diarrhoea which, if severe, can lead also to death.

(iii) It reduces appetite of farm animals, resulting in debilitated animals that are more susceptible to other diseases.

(iv) Internal parasites often interfere with digestion and assimilation of food, causing poor growth.


(i) Avoid grazing high risk pastures

(ii) Avoid co-grazing

(iii) To determine the liver fluke load on the farm, regular stool samples from sheep should be taken.


The procedure of obtaining sperm cells from a male animal and manually putting them into a female’s reproductive system is known as artificial insemination.


I Because a herd does not require the upkeep of a breeding bull, the expense of breeding bull maintenance is reduced.

(ii) It helps to prevent the spread of certain diseases, as well as sterility caused by genital ailments.

(iii) It boosts the number of babies born.

(iv) It aids in the upkeep of correct breeding records.

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The following questions are not from the WAEC 2022 Animal Husbandry Practice Exam. Examine these and prepare to do well on the WAEC 2021 Animal Husbandry Examination.


Which of the following products could be obtained from pigs?
I. Bacon
II. Chevon
III. Ham
A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. II and III only
D. I, II and III

2. Which the following farm animal is not a ruminant?
A. Cattle
B. Sheep
C. Goat
D. Rabbit

3. Male reproductive hormones include
A. oxytocin.
B. oestrogen.
C. relaxin.

4. Which of the following organs is associated with excretion in farm animals?
A. Pancreas
B. Small intestine
C. Kidney
D. Oesophagus

5. The period from conception to parturition in livestock is known as
A. lactation.
B. fertilization.
C. ovulation.
D. gestation.

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WAEC Animal Husbandry Theory Answers

Answers to WAEC Animal Husbandry Theory Questions, also known as Essay Questions. This portion requires the candidate to select and respond to questions from his or her home country. The exam questions paper will specify the amount of questions that must be answered.


1. Identify three organs related with each of the body systems listed below:
I excretory; (ii) digestive; (iii) urinary; (iv) urinary; (v) urinary

(iii) it’s a matter of reproduction.

(b) Briefly describe the principal function of each of the systems listed in (1) (a) above.

(b) Under the following headings, discuss Newcastle disease in poultry:

I causative agent; (ii) causative agent; (iii) ca

(ii) two signs and symptoms;

Two preventive measures (iii).


2. a) Describe six ways in which farm animals are crucial to West Africa’s economy.

I Describe two types of farm animals.

(ii) Provide three instances of animals from each of the animal classes listed in (b) I above.

(c) Describe the process of a hen laying an egg.


3. a) List seven industrial raw materials that can be derived from farm animals.

(a) Describe seven different ways to care for a pregnant woman.

(c) Define the following terms as used in animal husbandry:

(i) steaming up;
(ii) dystocia;
(iii) flushing.

WAEC Animal Husbandry Essay And Objective 2022 (EXPO)

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“I will get an A in WAEC Animal Husbandry 2022,” you’ve informed yourself, but that’s not all. You must devise a strategy for achieving your goal. Make a schedule and a master strategy to reach your objectives.

In most cases, WAEC suggests literature for the exam. Apart from WAEC Literature in English, where specified novels are required, you are free to prepare for the WAEC 2022 exam using any good Animal Husbandry textbook.

Some textbooks are more challenging to comprehend than others. If you’re having trouble understanding a topic, invest in a textbook that will help you learn the material and make your life easier.

 Do not Skip Animal Husbandry Examples and Exercise you Will Come Across While Reading

While studying textbooks, many candidates enjoy skipping exercises and even examples. We adore notebooks to the point where we would wonder, “Can I read my notebook and pass WAEC Animal Husbandry 2022?” Don’t be afraid to do some animal husbandry tasks. Face the difficulties.

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