WAEC English Language Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay and Objectives)

WAEC English Language Questions and Answers

The WAEC English language questions and answers 2022/2021 are listed below. Free access to WAEC English objective, theoretical, and oral questions tests. You’ll also learn how WAEC English questions are created, as well as anything else you need to know about the WAEC English exam.

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Examination Scheme for WAEC English Language Questions and Answers

There will be three papers to be taken:

Papers 1, 2 and 3. Papers 1 and 2 will be combined in a composite paper to be taken in one sitting.

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English Obj


(5)Anecdote: It’s better to be late than never. This is the tale of an elderly guy who lived in a little village. He was the father of two sons and one daughter. They were all well-acquainted with city life. His children would send him money every month to keep him from going into debt. They also used to write letters to check on his health. Once a year, his sons and daughter would pay him a visit, but for the rest of the year, letters were his sole means of communication. He would occasionally go to the village postmaster to have the letters read to him because he could not read or write. The postmaster was always willing to assist the elderly gentleman in reading and writing letters for him. However, that postmaster died, and a new postmaster was appointed. That young mailman was a jerk who refused to assist the man. His lines of communication with his children were gradually closed off. He used to be irritable all of the time. The headmaster of the rural school approached him one day and inquired about his disappointment. The old man explained that he is having difficulty communicating with his children since he is illiterate. He explained how, due to his responsibilities to his family, he never went to school. After listening to his difficulties, the headmaster suggested that instead of seeking assistance from others, he should return to school and learn to read and write. Everyone would laugh at him at this age studying, according to the old guy. It’s better to be late than never, according to the headmaster. As a result of his counsel, the man enrolled in a night school and began reading and writing. He began writing letters to his children and receiving responses within a few months. He didn’t need to go to anyone else to read the letter by that point. That day, he understood the adage “better late than never.”

WAEC Computer Science Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay and Objectives)

They were classmates

She rather looked like an office chief administrator than a farmer

The writer does not see farming as a noble profession

(i) Her determination
(ii) Her ability to secure a loan from the bank.

She was so successful that she won the best farmer of the country and employed three hundred persons.

It suggests that the writer is not as successful as funke in her own carrier.


(i) Noun Phrase
(ii) It is the object of the verb “was”

(i) Relax – Rest
(ii) Confident – optimistic
(iii) Refunded – repaid
(iv) Reveals – discloses
(v) Struggling – Striving

(7a)(i) Farmers do not have access to storage facilities (ii) High cost of evacuating farm produce (iii) Transporters charge very high and exorbitant fees due to cost of fuel and vehicular maintenance due to bad roads.

(7b)(i) Government should encourage and support mechanized farming(ii) Government should educate farmers on modern farming practices(iii) Provision of storage facilities to farmers.

PAPER 1: Will consist of eighty multiple choice questions, all of which should be answered within 1 hour for 40 marks.

PAPER 2: Candidates’ comprehension and summary skills will be tested through five essay themes and one passage each. Candidates must compose an essay on one of the themes and answer all of the comprehension and summary passage questions. The exam will last two hours and will be worth 100 points.


For applicants in Nigeria and Liberia, the oral test will consist of sixty multiple choice items, while for candidates in Ghana, The Gambia, and Sierra Leone, the listening comprehension test will consist of sixty multiple choice items. For a total of 30 points, all of the questions will be answered in 45 minutes.

SECTION 1 OF PAPER 1 WAEC English Language Questions and Answers

There is one italicized word and one gap in each of the following statements. Choose the word that is most closely opposite in meaning to the word in italics while also accurately filling the gap in the phrase from the list of words lettered A to D.

Binetou’s inquisitiveness is in sharp contrast with her sister’s _______

A. indifference

B. noisiness

C. calmness

D. dullness

2. Though at first it appeared an insignificant idea, it turned out to be quite

A. outstanding

B. successful

C. remarkable

D. interesting

3. After grasping the fundamental aspects of his job, Kwesi had to cope with more ______ procedures.

A. advanced

B. academic

C. subsidiary

D. secondary

4. The youth prefer discussing contemporary issues to _______ ones

A. archaic

B. uninteresting

C. stale

D. political

5. As erroneous as it might sound, the Headmaster’s assumption was quite ______

A. wise

B. correct

C. precise

D. faulty

6. Halima likes to dwell on trivial, rather than _______ matters

A. strong

B. popular

C. weighty

D. heavy

7. We all know that Bola is insolent whereas Ade is __________

A. cowardly

B. respectful

C. humble

D. modest

8. A few days after Musa’s __________ , his sister longed for his departure

A. coming

B. entrance

C. arrival

D. welcome

9. Algebra seems complicated, but with practice it becomes _________

A. solved

B. simple

C. accessible

D. achievable

10. Mrs. Agide is unassuming whereas her twin sister is __________

A. cheerful

B. boastful

C. loud

D. rude

SECTION 2 WAEC English Language Questions and Answers

From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that best completes each of the following sentences.

11. At Christmas, employees of Sugar Factory receive huge ____________

A. benefits

B. dividends

C. bonuses

D. salaries

12. The exposed milk in that container has turned ___________

A. sour

B. putrid

C. mouldy

D. stale

13. Not all activities champion _____ causes

A. worthy

B. real

C. concrete

D. favourable

14. The Mayor gave a glowing ______________ at the funeral of the city’s only curator

A. citation

B. statement

C. tribute

D. commendation

15. At the end of __________, the National Anthem is played on our radio station

A. programming

B. production

C. transition

D. transmission

16. The defence counsel was unable to convince ______ of John’s innocence

A. plaintiff

B. witness

C. panel

D. jury

17. Unfortunately, corruption is the ____________ of most African countries.

A. venom

B. bane

C. disaster

D. backbone

18. The ______ results proved that the patient had hepatitis.

A. investigation

B. diagnosis

C. probe

D. test

19. The new book has beautiful ____________ which make it attractive.

A. illustrations

B. demonstrations

C. illuminations

D. compositions

20. Their marriage was finally __________ after years of hostility

A. cancelled

B. annulled

C. broken

D. separated

SECTION 3 WAEC English Language Questions and Answers

After each of the following sentences, a list of possible interpretation is given. choose the interpretation that is most appropriate for each sentence

21. Can you imagine Oka behaving as he has all the knowledge in the world? This means that Oka

A. does not really know everything

B. knows so much more than we think

C. is admired by everybody

D. respects other people

22. Akin is too full of himself. This means that Akin

A. talks too much

B. eats too much

C. is too proud

D. is quite annoying

23. she slogged her guts out for the examination. This means that she

A. she failed the examination despite working hard for it.

B. passed the examination despite not working hard for it

C. used unfair means to face the examination

D. really worked very hard for the examination

24. I admire Modou: very few people can stomach all of Adaeze’s insults. This means that Modou

A. tolerated Adaeze’s insults

B. was a weakling

C. had no answer to Adaeze’s insult

D. did the right thing by remaining silent.

25. After months of battling with stroke, he is now a shadow of his former self. This means that he

A. is now frail

B. is vulnerable

C. is hopeless

D. has almost recovered

26. Kura, you can’t be too careful when dealing with Wang. This means that Kura

A. has no reason to be suspicious of Wang.

B. can fully rely on Wang

C. has to be very careful in his relationship with Wang

D. may feel free in the company of Wang.

27. Don’t tell me another cock and bull story. This means that the speaker does not want to

A. be further baffled

B. hear the same old story

C. hear another drab story

D. be further deceived

28. Had he confessed much earlier, she would have trusted him This means that he

A. had confessed earlier on, but he wasn’t trusted

B. had confessed much earlier on, and he was trusted

C. hadn’t confessed much earlier on, and he was trusted

D. hadn’t confessed earlier on, and he wasn’t trusted

WAEC Agric Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay and Objectives)

29. Kola: You really worked hard to win the case. Didia: You don’t know the half of it.

A. it wasn’t as difficult as Kola had thought

B. Kola’s statement wasn’t actually correct

C. it was even more difficult than Kola could imagine

D. winning the case didn’t mean much to Kola

30. Femi is too clever by half. This means that Femi

A. displays his cleverness in an annoying way

B. is not as clever as he thinks

C. pleases everyone he meets

D. hides how clever he really is.

SECTION 4 WAEC English Language Questions and Answers

From the words lettered A to D below each of the following sentences, choose the word or group of words that is nearest in meaning to the word in italics as it is used in the sentence

31. He was such a brilliant footballer!

A. an inspired

B. an intelligent

C. a dazzling

D. a skilful

32. The politician is a fluent speaker

A. an eloquent

B. a superficial

C. an insightful

D. a persuasive

33. Everyone has the urge to succeed in life

A. compulsion

B. desire

C. need

D. courage

34. When he heard the gunshot, he ran into a thick forest

A. tight

B. deep

C. dense

D. close

35. That was a timely intervention

A. suitable

B. accurate

C. prompt

D. major

36. David is not only hardworking but also scrupulous

A. painstaking

B. ambitious

C. pleasant

D. daring

37. We really have to be careful because the situation is rather tricky

A. deceitful

B. trivial

C. unexpected

D. difficult

38. I think that his essay is impeccable

A. erroneous

B. correct

C. satisfactory

D. faultless

39. There has been a marked change in her study habit

A. significant

B. real

C. full

D. complete

40. He was directed to write the letter.

A. advised

B. instructed

C. persuaded

D. forced

WAEC Commerce Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay/Objectives)

SECTION 5 WAEC English Language Questions and Answers

Paper 2

Section A (50 Marks)

Only answer one of the questions in this section. Each question is worth the same amount of points. Your response should be at least 450 words long.
This section should take you roughly 50 minutes to complete.

1. A friend from another school has inquired about your school in order to help him decide whether or not to transfer to yours. Write him a letter in which you highlight at least three areas where your school shines.

2. Write an article for your school magazine that discusses the reasons why students in your area drop out of school and suggests solutions to reduce it.

3. Write a letter to the head of your Local Government Association as the president of your youth club, complaining about the rising rate of child labor and recommending strategies to reduce it.

4. You are the main speaker in a debate about whether or not women should work while they are still pregnant. Make a case for or against the topic in your essay.

5. Finish your story with the words: That experience will stay with me for a long time.

SECTION B – WAEC English Language Questions and Answers
[20 marks]
You are advised to spend about 30 minutes on this section.

6. Carefully read the following passage and respond to the questions.

Our earth is in jeopardy. Our environment is under jeopardy. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the oceans we fish in, and the soils we farm, as well as the trees, animals, and plants that surround us, are all under threat.

Acid rain, the greenhouse effect, global warming, ozone layer holes, desertification, and industrial pollution are some of the new terminology and terminologies used to characterize these issues. Our surroundings are changing. Our factories are emitting an increasing amount of emissions and garbage.

Our rivers and seas are harmed by garbage, oil silages, and detergents. Forests provide us with timber and paper, but their decline causes soil erosion and puts species in peril.

Industrial pollution is primarily caused by the world’s wealthier nations. This is where the majority of commercial energy is generated. Poverty causes people in developing countries to alter their environment, such as overgrazing grassland, cutting down trees for new land and firewood, and farming poor soil for food.

Every year, an area of forest the size of Sierra Leone vanishes, according to the UN Environmental Protection Agency. Trees are felled for their wood, which is used for construction, furniture, paper, and fuel.

They’re also demolished to make room for livestock grazing and the construction of new villages and towns. However, trees serve a variety of other purposes. Trees shield the area from severe rains, and their roots aid in the stabilization of the soil.

Many living organisms can be found in forests. The Amazon rainforest is home to one-fifth of the world’s bird species. There may be plants and animals in our forests that can aid in the discovery of novel crop treatments.

We must work together to save and preserve our wonderful world. Individuals, communities, nations, and international organizations are all liable. We can manage the earth’s resources for future generations by learning to protect the natural environment.

(a) What is the source of the risk mentioned in the passage?
(b) It can be gathered from the passage that people in underdeveloped countries
(b) According to the passage, the size of the forest is each year.
(d) Because of what does the author hold the richer countries liable for industrial pollution?
(e) The passage’s author’s message is about the necessity for what?

SECTION C – WAEC English Language Questions and Answers
You are advised to spend about 50 minutes on this section.

Read the passage attentively and respond to the questions that follow.
You can’t expect to get through life without encountering difficulties. Difficulties, perplexities, and frustrations are unavoidable aspects of life.

Accepting the inevitability of problems will allow you to confront them with a strong mindset rather than believing that you are a victim who has been picked out by fate.

When faced with an issue, the first step is to gather all essential information in order to become familiar with the facts of the case.

Then, in black and white, write down exactly what the problem is. This provides you with something concrete to work with. The issue has been evaluated, and you now have something concrete to work with.

Next, give the subject some real thought, being careful not to let it devolve into anxiety, as concern does nothing. Aim for clear, detached thinking, and approach the topic as if it were a friend’s concern rather than your own. Examine it from all sides and from the perspectives of all those involved.

If you only think about yourself, you’re setting yourself up for failure. The single most crucial goal of it all is to find all feasible answers to the problem.

After you’ve thoroughly analyzed the situation, consider all of the various remedies or courses of action. Knowing that you did this can prevent you from having regrets later on, when you can remember yourself that you considered all options and chose what looked to be the best. Next, discard any recommended solutions that are deemed unfeasible after further consideration.

You’ll notice that your options have been reduced to two or three options. It’s usually a good idea to get out into the fresh air at this point. Take a walk or a ride somewhere with a lot of space between you and the horizon. Review the problem again there, in the open. It will appear to be less intimidating.

Consider how the challenge will appear in ten years, or even one! This new perspective will help you make a final decision when you consider the remaining options and pick which one to pursue before returning home. Let your decision be the last thing on your mind as you go to sleep that night. If you still think it’s the finest one to take in the morning, go ahead.

Consult a buddy who can provide excellent advise if you have one. Do this before you make a final decision so that you can profit from his perspective. Talking things over with someone else is usually beneficial.

It allows you to isolate the issue and determine which elements are most significant. Even if your friend doesn’t have any suggestions, a sympathetic ear can be helpful. Furthermore, when you describe the courses available to you to your friend, you will have a better understanding of them. Even as you speak, some will appear impossible.

Alternatively, one will appear to be the most appealing. Keep the time factor in mind when dealing with challenges. Although certain problems resolve themselves over time, and delaying techniques are thus the optimal course of action in these cases, most other problems become more complicated the longer they are left unsolved. As a result, you should deal with any issues as soon as they arise.

Overall, foresight and inventiveness combined with moderate foresight can prevent many issues from ever developing. Tact, intelligence, and appropriate behavior can also help you live a relatively trouble-free existence.

Summarize the steps to take when confronted with an issue in six sentences, one for each.

Paper 3 (TEST 0F ORALS) WAEC English Language Questions and Answers

For candidates in Nigeria and Liberia only

From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the letters underlined.
1.   wit
A.  fright
B.  wheat
C.  tree
D.  market
2.   look
A.  glue
B.  you
C.  cup
D.  curious

From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that has the same consonant sound(s) as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.
3.   dance
A.  handsome
B.  sandwich
C.  adjective
D.  pounding
4.   plucked
A.  smiled
B.  slammed
C.  luck
D.  table

From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that rhymes with the given word.
5.         carrier
A.        area
B.        barrier
C.        serious
D.        ravine
6.        drought
A.        crowd
B.        nought
C.        shout
D.        taught

In each of the following questions, the main/primary stress is indicated by writing the syllable on which it occurs in capital letters. From the words lettered A to D, choose the one that has the correct stress.
7.         acrimony
A.        A-cri-mo-ny
B.        a-CRI-mo-ny
C.        a-cri-MO-ny
D.        a-cri-mo-NY

In the following options lettered A to D, all the words except one have the same stress pattern. Identify the one with the different stress pattern.
8.         A.        sanctify
B.        promising
C.        notify
D.        organic

In each of the following sentences, the word that receives the emphatic stress is written in capital letters.   From the questions lettered A to D, choose the one to which the given sentence is the appropriate answer.
9.         The DOCTOR examined the patient with a stethoscope.
A.        Did the teacher examine the patient with a stethoscope?
B.        Did the doctor cure the patient with a stethoscope?
C.        Did the doctor examine the nurse with a stethoscope?
D.        Did the doctor examine the patient with a telescope?

From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that contains the sound represented by the given phonetic symbol.
10.       / ǝ /
A.        accurate
B.        nephew
C.        ageless
D.        waddle

WAEC Biology Questions and Answers for 2022/2023 (Theory and Objectives)

WAEC English Essay, Summary and Objective 2021 (EXPO)

The above questions are likely WAEC English repeated questions and answers, rather than 2021 WAEC English questions and answers.

These are just practice questions. On the day of the WAEC English examination, the 2021 WAEC English exhibition will be provided on this page. For the answers, keep checking and reloading this page.

Loading WAEC English Questions and Answers 2022

Only answer one of the questions in this section. Each question is worth the same amount of points. Your article should be at least 450 words long.

This section should take you roughly 50 minutes to complete.

1. Your brother, who is in his third year at another institution, has written to tell you that he is planning to drop out and pursue a career in business. Write him a note advising him to reconsider his decision.

2. Write an article on the topic of The Importance of Promoting Good Reading Habits in Students that is suitable for publishing in a national newspaper.

3. As the Senior Prefect of your school, submit a letter to the Principal outlining at least two student behaviors that should be discouraged and two teacher behaviors that should be encouraged.

4. Your school has just received a new principal. Prepare a speech to give at the welcoming party you’ve organized for him, informing him about some of the issues that students confront.

5. Write a tale that concludes with the phrase “I had never felt so ashamed in my life.”

(5) I’ve never felt so ashamed and alone in my entire life. I believe it is past time to inform others that miscarriage is an issue that has been ignored for far too long….
It took me a few weeks to make the decision to tell my tale in this way. But I believe it is past time to educate others about miscarriage, which has been ignored for far too long. The sufferers were placed in a corner in utter quiet. In February of last year, I experienced a miscarriage. At around 7 p.m., I was riding the train home from work when I began to feel intense pains in my stomach, followed by the sensation that my trousers were wet. I was in a lot of pain. I took the first cab I saw to A&E, embarrassed, worried, and panicked about what was going on with my 5-week-old baby inside me.
I arrived and immediately realized it was too late. Still, I hoped it wasn’t the case. I went to the next available staff at A&E to tell them what had happened, and they ordered me to sit in a chair and wait for a nurse to call me in to see a doctor. My trousers were stained with blood, and my stomach still pained. I sobbed quietly in the corner where they’d placed me to wait. I waited for someone to call me for three hours. The agony was gone and the blood on my trousers was drying up by the time someone summoned me to take my bloods…. My baby was no longer with me. I felt embarrassed because I had made a mess on the chair. The nurse ordered me to return to where I was waiting before and wait for someone to contact me to see a doctor after they drew my blood and cannulated me. I sat down in the same chair again. I went to the bathroom and tried to clean myself up. I stared in the mirror and wondered what I had done wrong. Crying had made my eyes swollen. I tried to wipe up my underwear with a lot of tissue to suck up the blood that was flowing out of me. When I got out of the bathroom… I asked the nurse if I had been called, but she said no. I waited and waited until my fiancé arrived and took my hand in his. I proceeded to change my trousers after he graciously provided me a clean change of clothes. Never before in my life have I felt so humiliated and alone. After that incident, I became depressed. There are some things you wish you could erase from your memory. However, they are ingrained in your mind and emotions. Miscarriage is more than just the loss of one little life who will never meet its parents. Miscarriage, regrettably, can cause someone (the father’s mother) to lose their sanity and themselves. That is something I can attest to. It happened to me as well.

(2) The significance of encouraging pupils to develop healthy reading habits. Books are said to be your best friends for a reason. Reading is the best habit you can develop as you grow older because you become what you read. The books you read are your guide for the journey of life, and they play a vital role in your upbringing. Here are a few personality traits that are influenced significantly by a regular reading habit. Enhances Collaboration Books are the finest approach to learn new words in the English language that aren’t commonly used. Reading books will assist you in learning new terms and demonstrating how to use them in everyday situations. This will help you develop your personal vocabulary in the long run. Reading stories and articles written in that language will also help you comprehend the grammar of that language. Improved Comprehension Capacity Children who learn to read at a young age are better at interpreting situations and developing a sense of understanding than those who do not. They are capable of comprehending significant events and conducting a thorough analysis of the cause and effect scenario. Try reading aloud and taking small moves forward to improve your reading abilities. Don’t be too hard on yourself; reading should be enjoyable.

Knowledge is passed on There is no doubting that reading provides a person with information. Gaining information gives you confidence in the subject and piques your curiosity in learning more about it. School curriculums also provide a variety of engaging themes for cognitive development, so kids are interested in the subject from an early age. Aids Sleeping Reading before night is more effective at combating insomnia than using electronic devices, which has the opposite effect. Before going to bed, read a book to help you fall asleep naturally and to engage your brain in learning. Before going to bed, it is psychologically recommended that people think about wholesome things. A nice book read before night can do wonders for your mental health. Escape From the Real World Books allow a person unrestricted access to the world of fiction. Both the writers and the readers are allowed to choose their own topics and open the doors to a fictional world in their minds. Some works of fiction continue to be published book after book, and the fans never lose interest in the series. It’s because creative minds are powerhouses of thrilling entertainment, and we couldn’t agree more if we’d read any of those incredible works.

Tips to Help You Pass Your 2022 WAEC English Language Examination

Tip 1: Study Hard

It is common knowledge that academic performance is proportional to hard work when prayer is maintained. While studying for your WAEC exam, read your books as if it were the only thing you had to do.

Tip 2: Read Past Question on WAEC English Language

You may attest to the fact that the West African Examination Council (WAEC) questions are always repeated each year.

Reading past WAEC English questions will give you an idea of what you should know as a WAEC candidate.

We may read our textbooks and yet be unsure of which subject to concentrate on. Past WAEC English questions will show you where you should focus your efforts.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions concerning WAEC English language Questions and Answers 2022.

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