WAEC Fishery Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay and Objectives)

WAEC Fishery Questions and Answers

WAEC Fishery Questions and Answers 2022. I will provide you with free access to WAEC Fishery objective and theory repeated questions. You’ll also learn how WAEC Fishery questions are constructed, as well as a variety of other examination facts.

The West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) is a Nigerian examination board that holds exams in May/June and November/December for the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education, respectively.

WAEC Fishery Objectives and Essay Answers 2022

WAEC 2022 Fishery answers will be posted here when the exam begin.

WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay and Objectives)

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31-40: ABA

Today’s WAEC Fishery (Alternative B) Answers (Essay)


The process of transferring selected, culturable, compatible, and fast-growing fish seed into ponds for growth is known as the stocking rate of a fish pond.


(i) Total removal of the polluted water.

(ii) Cleaning of the pond

(iii) Growing of water plants

(iv) Control algae growth.

(v) Repair of leaks.


It demonstrates that there is a lack of oxygen and that the water body is polluted as a result of algae blooms.


(i) Increase in nutrient in the body of the water

(ii) Algae outgrowth

(iii) Oxygen deficiency

(iv) Low light penetration


(i) It may lead to death

(ii) It may lead to congenital disease of the Clarias spp

(iii) It leads restlessness of the fish due to oxygen deficiency

(iv) It can cause loss of weight


To move your broodstock, fill plastic bags or 5-gallon buckets with water from the tank.

(ii)Make sure your brood stock has enough air in the bag/bucket.

(iii)Remove any plants from the tank and place them in bags with tank water to keep the healthy bacteria alive on them.

(iv)Aim to save at least 80% of the water in your tank.


(i)to assist in lowering the level of shock

(ii)To aid in the prevention of severe weather.

(iii)To minimize mortality and increase survival




(iii)hatching of eggs



(i)Eradication of predatory animals

(ii)Eradication of insect

(iii)Eradication of aquatic weeds

(iv)Assessment of food in nursery

WAEC Computer Science Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay and Objectives)


(i)water level

(ii)Level of rainfall

(iii)Water temperature


(v)Ph level of the water


(i)Hatcheries can provide food sources for carnivorous fish, allowing them to be fed indefinitely.

(ii)Hatcheries enable fish to be replenished in seawater.


(iii)Managing fish hatcheries is a time-consuming process.


(iv) Hatcheries help to prevent aquatic species from becoming extinct in their natural habitats.




(i)Raceways provide you a much better view of the fish.


(ii)Raceways can be readily linked together.


(iii)It requires less time and effort to clean and feed.


(iv)It makes fish monitoring simple.

WAEC Igbo Language Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay and Objectives)


Hatching troughs are used to hatch channel catfish eggs and aid in the adhesion of eggs to nest material or to one another in a mass.


Happa: they’re used to make fingerlings, and the mesh size is small enough that the fry or fish within can’t get out.


A syringe is used to deflate a fish’s swim bladder after it has been abruptly hauled out of deep water and is unable to swim back down.


Microscope: A microscope is used to analyze scrapes from the skin of fish.


The purpose of an aquarium tank is to allow a fish culturist to easily manage stocks and exert control over them.


(i)Prawn shell waste

(ii)Groundnut oil cake

(iii)Wheat bran




(iii)Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand

(iv)Die-off and decomposition

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WAEC Fishery Essay And Objective 2022 (EXPO)

The WAEC 2022 Fishery Practice Questions are listed below. Examine these and prepare to do well on your WAEC 2022 Fishery Examination.

PAPER 1 (Objective)
1. A fish which has no scales but has barbells is
A. tilapia.
B. tuna.
C. clarias.
D. croaker.

2. Integrated fish farming involves the culture of fish with
I. Rice
II. Pig
III. Duck
A. I and II only.
B. I and III only.
C. II and III only.
D. I, II and III.

3. An example of fish which can be cultured in ponds is
A. clarias.
B. tuna.
C. bonga.
D. synodontis.

4. The optimum water quality range for Dissolved Oxygen in a fish pond is
A. 3.0 – 5.0 mg/l.
B. 5.0 – 8.0 mg/l.
C. 8.0 – 11.0 mg/l.
D. 11.0 – 14.0 mg/l.

5. The following are fishing gear except
A. scoop net.
B. hook and line.
C. dug-out canoe.
D. fishing spear.

WAEC Computer Science Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay and Objectives)

PAPER 2 (Essay)

(1) (a) (i) Define the term fisheries.
(ii) Explain the two sub-divisions of fisheries.
(b) List five materials used in constructing a set net and state one use of each.
(c) Differentiate between intensive and extensive management systems of aquaculture.
(1b) (a) (i) What is capture fisheries?
(ii) Describe three methods used in capturing fish.
(b) (i) State five ways in which fisheries is important to the economy of your country.
(ii) State four common fishery organisms in your country.

(2) (a)(i) State five qualities of culturable fish species.
(ii) List four culturable fish species.
(b)(i) Explain the term fish culture facility.
(ii) List six facilities for culturing fish.
(c) Mention three fish preservation methods.

The above questions are likely WAEC Fishery repeated questions and answers, not exact WAEC Fishery questions and answers from 2021.

These are just practice questions. During the WAEC Fishery examination in 2021, the WAEC Fishery exhibition will be posted on this page. For the answers, keep checking and refreshing this page.

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Tips on How to Pass WAEC Fishery Questions

Have a Target and Work Towards Actualizing it 

I am confident that you have decided to pass WAEC Fishery 2022. The next step is to define goals for yourself.

You’ve promised yourself, “I’ll get an A in WAEC Fishery in 2022,” but that’s not all. You must devise a strategy for achieving your goal. Make a schedule and a master strategy to reach your objectives.

In most cases, WAEC suggests literature for the exam. Apart from WAEC Literature in English, where specified novels are required, you are free to prepare for the WAEC 2022 exam with any decent Fishery textbook.

Some textbooks are more challenging to comprehend than others. If you’re having trouble understanding a topic, invest in a textbook that will help you learn the material and make your life easier.

WAEC Igbo Language Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay and Objectives)

 Do not Skip Fishery Examples and Exercise you Will Come Across While Reading: 

While studying textbooks, many candidates enjoy skipping exercises and even examples. Indeed, we adore notebooks to the point where we would wonder, “Can I read my notebook and still pass WAC Fishery 2022?” Don’t be afraid to do some animal husbandry tasks. Face the difficulties.

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