WAEC Physics Questions and Answers for 2022/2023

WAEC Physics Questions and Answers for 2022/2023

Welcome to the WAEC Physics questions and answers page for the year 2022. You’ll find WAEC Physics Objective Answers, WAEC Physics Essay 2022, WAEC 2022 Physics, and the advice you need to breeze through your WAEC Physics exam.

WAEC Physics Objectives And Essay Answers 2022

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WAEC Physics Answers:


WAEC Physics Questions and Answers for 2022/2023

(i) Reflection
(ii) Refraction
(iii) Diffraction

No. 7

The principle of total internal reflection underpins the operation of fibre optics, which allows light signals to be transported from one location to another with minimal energy loss.

The light transmission portion of the fibre, whether glass or plastic cladding, is known as the core. The cladding’s purpose is to give a lower refractive index at the core interface, causing reflection within the core and allowing light waves to pass through the fibre.

(7bii) Cladding: It is a device that creates a clear refractive index at the core interface, causing light waves to be reflected within the core and transmitted through the fibre.

WAEC Physics Questions and Answers

WAEC Physics Questions and Answers

WAEC Physics Questions and Answers

The questions provided below are WAEC Physics questions and answers.

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1. The instrument that measures the relative density of light is
A. thermometer
B. hydrometer
C. spring balance
D. beaker

2. What is the speed of a body vibrating at 50 cyclic per second
A. 100 πrads−1−1
B. 200 πrads−1−1
C. 50 πrads−1−1
D. 400 πrads−1−1

3. The action of blotting paper on ink is due to
A. diffusion
B. osmosis
C. capillarity
D. surface tension

4. When two mirrors are placed at an angle of 900 to each other, how many images will be formed when an object is placed in front of the mirrors
A. 5
B. 4
C. 3
D. 2

5. If silicon is doped with phosphorus, what type of semiconductor material will be formed?
A. Zener material
B. P-n junction
C. n-type
D. p-type

6. A car of mass 800kg attains a speed of 25m/s in 20 secs. The power developed in the engine is
A. 1 . 25 x 104 W
B. 2 . 50 x 104 W
C. 1 . 25 x 106W
D. 2 . 50 x 106 W

7. When the brakes in a car are applied, the frictional force on the tyres is
A. is a disadvantage because it is in the direction of the motion of the car
B. is a disadvantage because it is in the opposite direction of the motion of the car
C. is an advantage because it is in the direction of the motion of the car
D. is an advantage because it is in the opposite direction of the motion of the car

8. If the stress on a wire is 107NM2 and the wire is stretched from its original length of 10.00 cm to 10.05 cm. The young’s modulus of the wire is
A. 5. 0 x 104 Nm-2
B. 5. 0 x 105 Nm-2
C. 2. 0 x 108 Nm-2
D. 2. 0 x 109 Nm-2

9. A solid weigh 10.00 N in air, 6 N when fully immersed in water and 7. 0 N when fully immersed in a liquid X. Calculate the relative density of the liquid, X.
A. 5/3
B. 4/3
C. 3/4
D. 7/10

10. When temperature of a liquid increases, its surface tension
A. Decreases
B. Increases
C. Remain Constant
D. Increases then decreases

11. A gas at a volume of V0 in a container at pressure P0 is compressed to one-fifth of its volume. What will be its pressure if the magnitude of its original temperature T is constant?
A. P0/5
B. 4P0/5
C. P0
D. 5P0

12. A piece of substance of specific head capacity 450JKg-1K-1 falls through a vertical distance of 20m from rest. Calculate the rise in temperature of the substance on hitting the ground when all its energies are converted into heat. [g = 10ms-2] A. 2/9°C
B. 4/9°C
C. 9/4°C
D. 9/2°C

13. I. A liquid boils when its saturated vapour pressure is equal to the external pressure
II. Dissolved substances in pure water lead to increase in the boiling point.
III. When the external pressure is increased, the boiling point increases.
IV. Dissolved substances in pure water decrease the boiling point.

14. Which combination of the above are peculiarities of the boiling point of a liquid?
A. I, II and III
B. I, II, III and IV
C. I, II and IV
D. II, III and IV

15. The temperature gradient across a copper rod of thickness 0.02m, maintained at two temperature junctions of 20°C and 80°C respectively is
A. 3.0 x 102Km-1
B. 3.0 x 103Km-1
C. 5.0 x 103Km-1
D. 3.0 x 104Km-1

16. Calculate the mass of ice that would melt when 2kg of copper is quickly transferred from boiling water to a block of ice without heat loss;
Specific heat capacity of copper = 400JKg-1K-1
Latent heat of fusion of ice = 3.3 x 105JKg-1
A. 8/33kg
B. 33/80kg
C. 80/33kg
D. 33/8kg

17. A semiconductor diode is used in rectifying alternating current into direct current mainly because it
A. allows current to flow in either direction
B. is non-linear
C. offers a high input resistance
D. allows current to flow only in one direction

18. if ∆x is the uncertainty in the measurement of the position of a particle along the x-axis and ∆Px is the uncertainty in the measurement of the linear momentum along the x-axis, then the uncertainty principle relation is given as
A. ∆x ∆Px ≥ h
B. ∆x ∆Px = 0
C. ∆x ∆Px < h
D. ∆x ∆Px = ∞

19. When a ship sails from salt water into fresh water, the fraction of its volume above the water surface will
A. increase
B. decrease
C. remain the same
D. increase then decrease

20. I. Its velocity is constant
II. No work is done on the body
III. It has constant acceleration directed away from the centre
IV. The centripetal force is directed towards the centre


Velocity of projection U_p =10m/s
T= sqr root 2h/g Where H=1
T=sqr root 2*1/10
=sqr root 0.2
V=UsinTita + gt V=10sin90 + 10*0.447
V=10 +4.45

(i) The position of the ion of the atm of the element in the
(ii) the nature of the electrode.
(iii) the concentration of the electrolyte

Doping of semiconductor increases the number of holes and electrons in
the semiconductor, thereby making it impure which makes it to be useful
or active.

WAEC Physics Essay and Objective 2022 (EXPO)

The above questions are likely WAEC Physics repeated questions and answers, rather than 2022 WAEC Physics questions and answers.

These are just practice questions. The WAEC Physics exhibition for 2022 will be available online soon.

Answers to WAEC Physics Objectives

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Tips to Pass WAEC 2022 Physics Questions

1. Keep a positive mindset.
It is self-evident that your life will not be positive until you have a positive perspective. You must have an optimistic attitude toward your fate as you prepare for WAEC 2022. Don’t say things like “WAEC Physics is incredibly difficult, I’m not sure if I’ll pass,” and don’t trust anyone who tells you that you can’t pass WAEC 2022 Physics on your own.

Have the mindset that “if others have passed WAEC 2022 Physics before me, then I will as well.” Refuse to be associated with failure or those who have already failed.

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Even if this isn’t your first time taking the WAEC Exam, it doesn’t imply you won’t pass WAEC 2022 Physics this time. With an honed attitude, sit for mathematics 2022/2023. Nothing will cause you to fail the WAEC 2022 examination. Your life will not be positive until you have a positive perspective.

2. Be Wary of Who You Associate With
If you genuinely want to pass WAEC 2022 Physics, stay away from dubious firms. They will try to discourage you and get you involved in activities that will not help you succeed. Keep in mind that their mindset might not be the same as yours.

3. Set a high goal
If you’ve made up your mind to pass WAEC in 2022, the next step is to set goals. Make a list of the grades you aim to get in WAEC 2022. You should start planning now if you want all As, no Fs, and no Es.

Make sure you have a timeframe and a master plan in place to meet your objectives. It’s important to remember that it takes nothing to dream, but everything to focus on your dream.

4. Use the WAEC Physics Textbooks as a Study Aid
Obtaining the WAEC 2022 Physics recommended texts should be one of your goals. The West African Examination Council usually suggests literature for the exam.

Apart from WAEC 2022 Literature in English, where specified novels are required, you are free to prepare for the WAEC 2022 Physics exam with any good textbook. Some subjects are more difficult to grasp.

If you’re having trouble understanding a topic, look for a different textbook that will simplify things for you.

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5. Review WAEC Physics Past Questions:

This is an excellent strategy. Because WAEC 2022 and WAEC 2022 are of the same standard, you might study for both using the same prior questions. If you’re unsure how to obtain WAEC or WAEC previous questions, you’ve come to the right place. They can be found at decent bookstores all throughout.

It’s conceivable that the institution where you registered will offer you some recent past questions to help you prepare for WAEC 2022 Physics.

6. Begin planning for WAEC 2022:
Don’t squander your time. After you’ve obtained your textbooks and practice questions, it’s time to start reading. You will do well on WAEC 2022 Physics if you start reading and practicing early.

7. Try to understand and solve every example and exercise in your textbooks.
Secondary school pupils have an undesirable habit of skipping exercises and even examples while studying textbooks.

They were so enamored with notebooks that they asked, “Can I read my Physics notebook and pass WAEC 2022?” Don’t be afraid to try exercises; they’re there to assist you. Face it and conquer it!

8. After a study session, put yourself to the test by reviewing WAEC physics past questions.
This is an excellent habit to get into. Answer full one-year Physics previous questions without checking the answers every now and then. Then mark to see how well you did. This will assist you in a variety of ways.

9. Practice on a regular basis
Don’t get frustrated if particular topics irritate you; keep practicing until you’ve mastered them all. Never say never and never give up. Continue to persevere….

10. Create a break time.
Make time for yourself to relax and unwind by playing. Overworking oneself will cause you to waste time unnecessarily. You will not gain anything if you work more than is necessary.

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11. Review your previous research
For WAEC 2022, regular practice is an excellent idea. Don’t simply read about a subject and then forget about it. Revision is beneficial; go over what you’ve read several times.

12. You have the option of attending WAEC Preparatory Classes.
It is easy to do well in WAEC 2022 Physics if you attend frequent lessons. Don’t be afraid to learn from your teachers, no matter how small or uninteresting they may be. Outside of your regular classes, you can take other classes that may be beneficial.

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