What To Do While Waiting For Your NYSC Posting

Picture this, you’ve just graduated from tertiary institution and just when you thought you can get a good job while waiting for NYSC posting, you realize that all your applications are been turned down for two major reasons; first you do not have an NYSC discharge certificate and second, the company doesn’t want to invest in someone that would leave very soon! It can get frustrating but you just have to make something work while you wait. 

Instead of just sitting at home waiting on NYSC for posting or screaming on social media “what is the point in NYSC anyway?!” You can just work to improve yourself; learn a skill, get any job to keep you sane or go learn a vocation that would help you in the long run. A lot of people actually survived their service year not just on the #19,800 but also on the extra cash their skills could get them.

Yeah, some may say that NYSC has lost its purpose, so why waste one year of my life in a village somewhere? But I tell you that a lot of people have actually got a lot better by stepping out of their comfort zone for a year and doing things they never imagined. So while waiting for your posting, here are a few fast selling skills that can fetch you something extra during your service year:
1.      Internet Services: For tech lovers, here are some things that are sure to get you a steady bill income:
– ABC of Blogging
– Different monetization packages
– Mobile app creation (applet)
– Buying and reselling domain names
– Creating custom emails
– Running a bulk sms, airtime and data sales site
– Music/video promotion and hype
– Growing social media followers
– Content writing coaching. 
– Etc
2.     Catering Services: This is just an addition for those who would prefer to gothe “food way”. You can simply learn it for your own personal use oryou can make it a business. This is divided into two drinks and food.
Drinks cover personal use and for events or for sale. Some drinks to learn in this category include:
– Cocktails (different types)
– Mocktails (different types)
– Smoothies (different types for kids and adults)
– Ice-creams and yoghurts
Foods are also divided into desserts and main dish.
Desserts to learn in this category include:
– Finger foods or small chops (peanut burger, fish fingers, meat balls, meatpies and many other snacks)
– Cakes (sponge, fruit, chocolate, red velvet etc) and simple icing like butter icing.
– Flour products like bread (without using oven and using other products aside flour), pancakes (using other products aside flour) etc
Aside desserts, other foods include rice and soups for events or personal consumption.
– Rice varieties (fried, coconut, Ofada, risotto, jollof, white, sauced)
– Soups (egusi, groundnut, peppersoup).
– Venturing into events planning; getting and keeping clients; maximizing costs for more profits.
– Etc
3.     Household/Sanitary Products: These are regular products we find in our homes. The goodthing with learning this is that you’ll make your own for your house and notbother buying from outside and it’s cheaper to make than the already made ones.These products include:
– Laundry wash
– Dish wash
– Toilet wash
– Car wash
– Germicide
– Antiseptic
– Insecticide
– Airfreshner
– Bleach
– Scouring powder
– Etc
4.     Hair/SkinCare Products: These are beauty products and includes making:
– Various body creams for different skin types
– Bathing soap (tablet and liquid)
– Petroleum jelly
– Body Spray
– After shave spray
– Hair shampoo/conditioner
– Hair creams and gels
– Packaging and marketing products
– Running a mini spa/salon
– Etc
Trust me, one or more of these will definitely pay your bills and have you living large during your service year. If you wish to learn some of these online, please contact +23407085059089 to assist with that or click HERE to send a whatsapp message to get an ebook on any of the above for a small fee.
Here’s a tip, when it is time to register for your NYSC, try to invite God into your decision, even if you already have a plan drawn out in your mind. You may not want to leave a growing career in your city or to leave the known for the unknown or even worry much about searching for a job and so you are already thinking of relocating as soon as the posting doesn’t come in your favour. 

Whatever you do, just be sure to weigh the pros and cons and be sure it will be a decision you will enjoy at the long run. Better to report at your state of deployment with your armors fully loaded than heading to a place you think you know and not getting anything out of there. What do you think?

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