What’s The Best NYSC Community Development Service (CDS) Group to Belong?

I am not surprised there are lots of questions that needed answers concerning this issue of which NYSC CDS to join during service year. But trust me, it’s always good to ask questions about things we are not cleared about rather than keeping quiet and fall fool to such questions at the end of the day.

In this article, am going to be answering certain questions like
What is the meaning of Nysc CDS?; What is the purpose?; Which CDS is the best to join? ; What is the function of these NYSC CDS groups?; Can I decide not to join any?; Can I be in more than one CDS at the same time?;  What is personal CDS and how can I embark on one?

Just like I always do, am going to give comprehensive answers to all these questions, and am sure by the time you are through reading this post, you will have nothing left still confusing about NYSC CDS to you.

Without wasting our precious time, let us begin at once.

What is NYSC CDS?

Community Development Service (CDS) is one of the four (4) Cardinal Programmes of Nysc. It’s in CDS activities that corps members contribute positively to the development of their host communities throughout the period of national service.
Just as the 3 other arms; Orientation course, Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) and Passing out Parade (POP) are important, Community development service play a major role in actualizing the purpose why Nysc scheme was established in the very first place; which is facilitating unity among the citizens of Nigeria.

Cds allows corp members to relate better with their host communities and also bring about cultural and socioeconomic growth in such areas by the reason of their activities during Community Development Services.

Nysc Community Development Service is majorly divided into 2 categories __The Group Cds and the Personal/individual cds. The first one is compulsory for all corpers while the second one is optional.

Only interested corp members embark on personal cds projects. Personal cds projects are projects/programmes executed by individual corps members in their host communities based on Community-felt needs. It could be construction projects like building of toilets, incinerators, bridges, classrooms, games facilities for schools e.t.c or social/educational project such as establishment of ICT laboratory, school libraries, extra-mural classes, campaigns, charity work, vocational training for empowerment of unemployed youths etc.

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Before you start asking me which CDS group is the best to belong, or how you can belong to any CDS group, I think I have to let you know the different NYSC Cds groups that we have and the function of each of them.

Group Community Development Service (Group CDS)

Corps members are expected to use one day in a week for group CDS activities. They are not expected to attend duties in their places of Primary assignment on CD days. Such days are dedicated to the execution of projects and programmes that will improve the living conditions of their host communities.

There are more than 20 CDS groups, depending on the area you are being posted. Some of them include:

 The Cds group offers free legal services to the less privileged and indigent prison inmates(Victims of denials and violation of rights), Free legal Sensitization of the public on fundamental human rights advocacy. So they visits the prisons and some public establishment to give awareness and lectures on fundamental human rights.

2. Sport Cds group: This group participates in Sports

Organizes competitions, usually on behalf of other corp members from the same locality. They also organize sport competitions among different schools. They identify and train members of the community in the hunt for special sporting talents.

3. Cultural and Tourism Group (Band, Dance, Drama & Tourism) 

This group is actually created to promote art and culture among corp members and even the host community. They identify talents, set up the schemes theatre groups and also entertain people during occasions. They sometimes go on tourism tour too.

4. Education Development Group

 They give lectures and campaign against Illiteracy, organize Extra-mural classes for Adults and also organize different educative programmes in schools.

5. Environmental/Sanitation group

 Their work is to ensure clean environments by giving awareness on the danger in living in dirty environments. They also engage in some sanitation works.

Corpers at work

6. Editorial/Publicity Group

 They run the OBS for prospective corpers on camp, Does the monthly corpers magazine and the year book at the end of service year. They also do media coverage of corpers events.
In short, let’s call them the NTA or CNN of Nysc.

7. Road Safety Group

Sensitization and control of traffic, rendering first aid to accident victims and establish road safety clubs in school.

8. PET group

 these are the ones in the campaign against HIV/AIDS and they do this using different means.

9. Anti-Corruption Group (EFCC & ICPC)

 They help in eradicating corruption by organizing different awareness programs and setting up Anti-corruption corp members in schools.

10. MDGs

  Creates awareness and actualize the 8 goals of MDGs.

11. Medical and Health Group (Red cross)

 Engage in health outreach, First Aid administration, Establishment of Community based clinic, and Setting up of clinic for the NYSC Secretariat.

Medical group on a 1st aid campaign 

12. Agro Allied
13. Charity
14. Drug free and quality control
15. NEMA
16. Computer Group

17. Drug Free and Quality Control Group (NDLEA, NAFDAC, SON) 

Which CDS is the Best?

Actually, I can’t accurately say which one is the best among them. All of them have their good moments to make fun and also a tasking moment to work.

So choosing the best could depend on the type of state you are being posted to, your own personal likeness, and the group members in that group with you.

 Someone who doesn’t have much interest in sport will surely say sport CDS is boring when a sport lover will tell you it’s the best. You can see what am saying now?

How Can I Join the Cds that I Like?

It is not your call to decide which CDS you want to belong to. It’s often done by your Local Government Inspector. So forget about it.

The only exceptions are in the cases where you joined a specialized group on camp and has received some level of training for your assigned role. Such groups include joining the OBS on camp, NEMA, PET or FRSC.

Another thing that can determine where you will belong is your course of study in school. For instance, medical students will always find themselves in Medical CDS while the law students will surely go to Legal aid.


Question 1. Can a Corps member belong to more than one CDS group?

Answer:  No. This is because every Corps member must be committed to his/her group and ensure full participation in their activities for maximum output.

Question 2.  Can a Corps member choose a CDS group that he/she will be assigned?

Answer:   No. It is the responsibility of Local Government Inspector to assign Corps members as appropriate except in cases where the Corps member joined a specialiZed group on camp and has received some level of training for his/her assigned role.

Question 3.   Should a Corps member’s individual CDS project commitment interfere with his/her primary assignment?

Answer:   No. Corps member’s individual CDS activities should be carried out during Corps member’s spare time and must not affect his/her official responsibilities in the place of primary assignment and group CDS activities.

Question 4.   Should I as a Corps member get approval before embarking on personal CDS project?

Answer:   Yes. To ensure proper documentation, guidance and supervision a proposal must be forwarded as stated in this handbook and approval received before embarking on project implementation.

Question 5.   How often should I (Corps member) submit report on personal CDS project?

Answer:   It is expected that Corps members carrying out personal CDS project submit at least three(3) progress reports in line with the phases of project implementation. A completion report on the project must as well be submitted in addition to the three (3) progress reports stated above.

If you still have more questions concerning NYSC CDS, and such question have not been answered above, kindly ask using the comment section, and answers will be provided to your question.

Hope this post has really helped?
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  1. Adeyemi, actually, it all depends on your locality.
    Though some people share their experience in that Cds like being given driving licence, FRSC membership I.D card, free transportation within their states, and many more.

  2. Good morning. I redeployed to Abj in Feb,didn't get a ppa and cds group till April. Now it's time to sign our quarterly assessment form. My cds which is servicom is on mondays and the three times i would have gone were public holidays and me calling sick. Hence I haven't reported at my cds group. Please will this affect my service year and how do I remedy the situation?

  3. Nothing can actually affect your service except the nysc office reports and give u query more than 2 times. What it can only affect is your monthly allowance.
    So always make yourself available to avert further problems or always inform d right people in case of absentism

  4. You will always get paid. but depending on your LG, you may be given query if you are absent for some days, though some LGs just overlook that.
    in all, your allowance will never be delayed because of an absence. You can only get in trouble with your LGi which you can always sort.