Why Abia State Camp Is One Of The Best In Nigeria

Why Abia State Camp Is One Of The Best In Nigeria

You don’t need to fight me on this…. Am only talking from my own personal and humble experience on the camp.

“Camp Abia: The first camp in Nigeria”, as it is popularly called, is really one of the camps to be for the compulsory three weeks Nysc orientation course. Not just because she is the first on the list of NYSC camp, but she also possess some beautiful features that it’s worth talking about.

Before i went for service, trust me, i have heard lots of terrible stories from many people. Even from those that have never being to the gate of any camp. They told me a book-full of different “Faboos”. lol….

I heard about the terrible lifestyle on camp; the maltreatment corpers receive from camp soldiers; the
sickness and lots more. Am very sure you heard the same stories too, or perhaps you will soon hear them.

My deployment to Abia state did not give me enough opportunity to confirm if those stories are really true, but what i know is that Camp Abia is the contrary of it all. So don’t be annoyed if you passed through all those horrible experiences as we were told. Let me give my brief reasons why i will recommend Abia state for any prospective corp member to consider including in their 3 choice of Service.

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  • Perfect Location

Abia state camp is located in Umunna, Bende Local government of the state. The location of the camp is perfectly figured out to eliminate every stress and inconvenience any stranger may encounter in locating it. Unlike many camps which are located in the urban area of the state, Abia camp is located away from heavy traffic. So even if thousands of prospective corp members decided to travel down there on same day, traffic will never be a problem. “The sky is wide enough to contain thousand birds at a time”.

  • Water

Hmmmmm…. This is a very important factor to consider when ranking Nigeria camps. If you think that’s a lie, you better ask people that served in camps like………… they will tell you how important water is to corpers over one thousand in number.
But trust me, the water supply in Camp Abia is 24/7. Never stopping. Every corper always have their fill. To wash, to drink, and to take their baths.
Yes, i mean “drink”. Camp Abia water is completely drinkable and free of germs. Even if you don’t have enough money on camp, the camp is able to completely sustain you in terms of food and water.

  • Food

Camp Abia food is not the “Oh my God” type of food. They don’t absolutely go for indigenous foods like some other camps will do. The only one i could remember eating on the camp is Garri (Eba). Which i don’t think its too strange as such for any Nigerian youth.

  • Security

The security on this camp is 100%. You have nothing to fear while on the camp. Ranging from the terrible insurgency to the least expected insurgents…. Mosquitoes.
 You are completely save from them all. While on Camp Abia, you can sleep with your two eyes closed without the fear of a thing.

  • Hospitality

Camp officials on the camp treats the prospective corp members as their own children. They won’t permit maltreatment from any soldier or camp officials. 

Good accommodation is on ground for corpers to rest their heads. Not the type that you will need to support the windows or matress with mats or your kaki. But a comfortable one to have good dreams of better Nigeria.
Mammi market traders are also everything to write about. They don’t over-inflate their prices beyond normal, and are really helpful in running your little shores for you. 
If you want to really confirm these things i have said, consider choosing Abia state and enjoy, not only the Camping life, but also the after-camp experience on the streets of Abia state.
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