Why It’s Good To Be An Exco In Your CDS Group

Have you ever think that being an Exco in your CDS group is a complete waste of time?  Then i need to tell you that you are yet to think it through. Perhaps it’s time you start taking a cold soft drink before you make such thoughts again *WinkS*

Nysc service year is full of different Community Development Service (CDS) groups, this is due to the fact that, community development is an important arm of Nysc as a scheme. Definitely, all corp members must be found in one CDS group or the other during his/her service year.

Distribution of corp members into these groups is basically done by the office of the Local Government Inspector (L.I) and by the hand of the C.L.O.

The distribution is practically based on the course of study of such corp member or their experiences. Though some people disputes that this fact is not true because they believe corpers are just being ‘thrown’ into any group as they wants. But i say that is totally wrong.
Some corp members already know the CDS  group they will belong, even right from camp. Such group include the anti-HIV (PET) group and NEMA. Apart from such groups, all other groups are based on experience and qualification. Which means a medical student will surely fall into Medical and Health CDS group and a legal student may not be able to escape Legal Aid CDS.

Now, let’s talk about Executive positions in this groups and why it is advisable for corp members to participate in such positions.

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Except being a negligent and “follow-follow” corper, who is never concerned about anything that have to do with Nysc but their own small interest (it’s unfortunate we have many corp members like that), it is not a bad idea to be a part of the fulcrum that will move your CDS forward as you take a look at these reasons:

Makes you a responsible corp member

One of the main objectives of Nysc for bringing youths together away from their homes for a complete one year is to promote unity among Nigeria youths and to instill in them, a sense of responsibility. If am saying ‘being responsible’, am saying having responsibilities to look after.
If you happen to be one of the executives of your group, you will feel responsible for many things concerning the other corp members of your group. You will be compelled to do the right thing always.
Personally, i used to be a chronic “late-comer” before my service year. But in my first three months in Medical and Health CDS, i was nominated as the General Secretary of the group, from which i latter became the president. I don’t need to tell you that i must not come late to meetings again. And that attitude followed me even till after my service and up till now.
 I feel responsible for many things and that awaken a sense of good responsibility in me, that i laid my hands on many things, with such power and most of them turned out good. In fact, i must confess to you that, that sense of being responsible, was what lead to the creation of this blog your are reading right now. I created it then.

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Prepares you for the future ahead

I have always thought Nysc camp is the only part of the scheme that provides such thing as preparing corp members for the future, not knowing that even the small CDS unit shares in the same assignment. Being an Exco in your group will give you adequate tools to face that ‘unknown’ future ahead of you. Punctuality, outspokenness, honesty, loyalty and hard work will all be instilled in you.

It will improve your communication skill

It will teach you the skill you need to communicate with people effectively. You won’t need to attend any self development training again, because that one alone, is enough to help. I use to know many corp member friends that found it difficult to communicate to a number of people on camp; they will start fidgeting. But immediately they were made an exco in their CDS group, i was surprised to see them addressing crowd of people with such great confidence as that of a public speaker.

Priority ride

Being an Exco will give you privilege to some rights. What other corpers will do and be in trouble; you will do it and be pardoned.
You won’t need to bother too much about the rush for Pv signing and some other important activities. But i must also tell you that, just as you have being excluded fro many activities and stress, you will also be engaged in some that doesn’t even bother other corp members at all.

It helps you develop good relationship skill

No company or establishment of these days will ever want to employ a worker that won’t be able to get well with the existing staff, even if it’s your father’s company, you will still need the ability to relate well with everybody. And that’s part of what CDS group can give you.

Helping hand

You will be able to be at a good position to offer hands of help to those that needs it, especially during the usual community development services to your locals. 
Don’t forget that “Help finds only the helpers”…. It’s a profitable activity to help others.

Good recommendation

You may happen to be someone like me whose father has no company employ me for work after service, which means in one way or the other, i will still seek for employment. And if that’s the case with you also, you may probably need someone to give you a quality recommendation to put you ahead of other job seekers.
Being an exco will bring you closer to Nysc and its officials, which may in the future yield a good profit for you. 

There are many more benefits i can’t even recall, not to talk of writing about them.
But the most important thing i want you to know is that, it’s really a good thing to consider being one of the executives in your CDS group.
Be the president; be the treasure; the provost; financial secretary, general secretary, and so on.

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