How To Avoid Costly Mistakes During NYSC Registration

How To Avoid Costly Mistakes During NYSC Registration

This articles highlights all the Mistakes you must avoid during NYSC registration. Sadly some mistakes are inevitable once a PCM is not properly guided. Some are made by the computer operator at the Cyber café while others are as a result of negligence on the part of Prospective Corps member.

It is therefore important for PCMs to read this article before stepping out for registration. This is to avoid making mistakes that might send you back home or keep you waiting for the next batch.

The following will give you adequate information to avoid making costly mistakes

  • Don’t use someone’s email address other than your own

Sounds strange right? Like why would anyone use another persons email for registration! I mean its not like emails cost a fortune to get. At the point of registration , please ensure that the person doing the registration for you online uses your email address and if you don’t have any email address, create one for yourself and save the detail. The reason you must avoid this costly mistakes during your NYSC registration is that you will definitely make use of the email address throughout the service year.

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  • Registration by proxy

This act is highly prohibited. This is dubious attempt to trick the system to bypass the biometric verification. The affected PCM can’t register at the camp because the biometric used didn’t match.

Don’t allow anyone to use his/her fingerprint to register on your behalf even if yours is not captured by the scanner, keep trying.

  • Mixed up Registration

It is advised to sit with the person doing the registration at the Cyber Café and ensure he/she doesn’t register another person at the same time you are registering yours. Registering more than one person at the same time in the same browser either on different tabs can cause mix up of PCMs data and this will be difficult to rectify.

  • For Foreign PCMs 

Foreign PCMs endeavor to read the information regarding NYSC Registration online and upload all required. It is important to frequently login your account so as to update your personal data whenever it is requested. You may not be mobilized eventually if you didn’t carry out the required Protocols.

Do not make the above mistakes, ask your questions in the comments box if you need more clarification and guidance.

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