How to Change Date of Birth and Course of Study on NYSC Portal

Nysc; change date of Birth and Course of Study

You might have fallen into the group of some prospective corp members who had issues with their Date of Birth and Course of Study while registering on the NYSC portal. There is no perfect human anyway. But it’s always advisable to try, as much as possible, to avoid making mistakes when it comes to things like this.
Nevertheless, you wont have to worry yourself too much, Nysc did not leave  you out alone in the cold.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has made a provision for prospective corp members to make changes to their Date of birth/Course of study starting from the 2017 Batch ‘A’ online registration.

All you will need for this change include:

  • Your login details into the portal 
  • WAEC verification pin (you can get one at or from any First Bank branch at the rate of #300 only. 
  • Your WAEC exam number 

    Steps to Change Your Date of Birth with NYSC 

    1. Visit the NYSC portal at 

    2. Click on “Registration for Mobilization”

    3. Click on “Resume Registration”

    4. Enter your login details (the email and password you used to register) and click on “Resume”

    5. Click on “Change Date of Birth”

    6. Enter the 18-digits WAEC verification pin you got from the bank

    7. Select your exam type (May/June or Nov/Dec)

    8. Select your exam year

    9. Select your exam number (7 digits which is usually a combination of your school centre number and seat number)

    10. Click on “Place Request” and a page showing your waec details including your date of Birth will be displayed

    11. Finally, click on “Update Date of Birth” and that’s all.

    Steps to Change Course of Study 

    Changing Course of study on the Nysc portal too also involves few steps:

    1. Login to your dashboard as stated above

    2. Click on “Correction of Course of Study”

    3. Select the Course of Study
    4. Finally, click on the “Submit” button

    And that’s all. You will actually not need to be moving from one office to other trying to change your date of birth or Course of study again. Its now all very easy and convenient.

    If you have any challenges regarding changing your date of birth or Course of study on NYSC portal, please make it known to us at the comment section below.

    1. Enter your comment…pleeaseee I need to change my course of study. How do I go about it? Wen I click on the link to correct course it gives an error message. Is dis network?

    2. I tried using the change course button to change my degree type and it has been showing pending for the past 12days. Why is this so? Has anybody used it successfully? Can this be changed in camp with ease? I'm really worried, Please help!

    3. Thank you for your post. On the contrary, the #300naira for the WAEC Verification Pin is not an accurate info sir. I paid #1500 for just 1unit on the

      Upon following the instructions stated here on the NYSC Reg page, I clicked​ the "Place Request" with a success message on the screen. But, till now my dashboard still shows "Change D.O.B WAEC" and neither does it shows "mobilize" nor "pending either.

      What am I to do next?

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