Nysc camp fire night
One of the activities that will always keep your mind bubbling with joy, whenever you remember Nysc orientation camp is the “Camp-fire night”.

Nysc camp fire night

The Camp-fire, also called the Burn-fire is the peak of all the activities on camp. It’s a night event that all prospective corpers awaits right from their second week on camp.

Before this night, usually all corpers must have retired to their hostels latest by 11p.m. But on this very night of Camp-fire, it used to be a free day for corpers.

You may be wonderin, why is the day so special? Is it the fire or what. At least we’ve seen a fire burn before.

Nysc camp fire night

Yes. the fire is part of it, but that’s not all to it. In fact, it’s the beginning of the whole ride.

Prior to this day, all the camp officials and the corpers would have being preparing for the fire night. All platoons will have started making different preparations among themselves, just to make sure they bring out the best concepts and performances to win the various contests on that day. It’s a night of contest.

Nysc camp fire night

Apart from the big fire that is going to be made at the center of the camp which corpers will sing and dance around, there are lots of contests and competitions that makes the day great.
Some of these contests include:

This is a competition between all the platoons. 
The platoon will present one or two people that will go out to represent them during the parade.
If you, as a lady, think you have good body posture, straight legs, bravery and intelligence.
Then this is your chance to be a celebrity. I would advise you to participate in the contest. Because winners are always celebrated with handful gifts and good postings.
This is also an inter-platoon contest. it’s available for both guys and ladies. 
But mind you, you must be a beautiful lady or handsome guy before you can consider going out for the contest. The key secret to win this contest aside your natural beauty is to try and gather some relevant info about your camp, Nysc scheme and your dear nation, Nigeria.
This contest is also called “Matcho-man” contest.
This is for the physically built ones. they are the ‘Hulk horgan’ of the camp. Don’t worry, even if you cant contest, you will have enough live show to watch and enjoy.
Of course, you should know the group of people that this belong to. #winks
This is always great. It’s a cooking competition among the different platoons. Each platoons will prepare a special dish which the judges will taste and confirm if it’s worth it or not.
If your platoon can just try to win this competition, trust me you can imagine what you stand to gain as a platoon and individually as a corp member in the platoon.

This night is a night full of enough food to eat, enough time to make new friends, and fun to enjoy.

But just be careful not to start thinking of having sexual pleasure that night. The night has always being a night of privilege to commit sexual immorality before, but now, NYSC officials too are now on the look-out to put disobedient corpers into book. 

Please, make sure you partake of these events in order for you to enjoy the fun to the fullest. Don’t forget Nysc is once in a lifetime, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Happy camping. “Nysc tales” got your back.
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