Corpers Love: How NYSC Brought Us Together

When people say nothing good comes out of this compulsory service year, it’s because they have not heard the story of this corper love.
In camp we always chant “if corper marry corper dem go born otondo!” Interesting how some people found love in that same camp and became NYSC couple.
For Stephanie and O’Neal who met in osogbo the state capital of osun, their story is quite captivating!

There were both in Damare orientation camp in Adamawa and coincidentally found themselves in the same platoon (platoon 1). Unknowingly, they still redeployed to Osun state and yet found themselves in the same CDS group (Charity group). It was in the charity cds group that they set eyes on each other it’s been love all the way!

In a chat with O’Neal, he told NyscTales that he is grateful for his service year and is thankful to NYSC and Nigeria for bringing him to meet his other half.
The best part is, they passed out together and we can’t wait to finally hear the wedding bells ringing loud and clear!

We wish them a blissful home and lots of good things life has to offer.

For you doubting people out there, don’t snub that guy/girl looking at you in camp, CDS or PPA. You don’t know whether your wedding will be sponsored by the Direction General! lol *winks*

So what do you think? Let’s hear your thoughts below!

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